Automated emails have a 5% higher open rate and Photo Editing Services 152% more clicks than standard email60% of marketers choose automation as one of the three most important attributes of an email technology solution sounds good, doesn’t it? And it’s! But, you also have to put in some work on your side! It’s not enough to plug in some automated software and sit back. To really get the most out of your new bot helper, you need to optimize. Here’s how: Photo Editing Services According to a recent Ascend2 survey, 64% of marketers consider a comprehensive strategy to be the most important aspect of any campaign. So don’t even approach your automation program until you’ve done some serious strategic thinking. At the start of your email campaign, consider Photo Editing Services Your overall goals. What do you hope to accomplish with this

 Photo Editing Services Do You Want to Earn Registrations?

It’s a tough situation. Doing a good marketing job is hard; staying on top is even harder. However, if you are ready to take control of your own destiny, you can succeed. Photo Editing Services The rapidly changing environment makes this the most challenging time I’ve ever seen, but it’s also an exciting time to enter the marketing Photo Editing Services industry. Convert browsers into paying customers? To increase web traffic? Defining your goals is crucial to keeping your campaign focused and relevant. Measurable results. Nebulous and ill-defined results are difficult to measure, making it difficult to establish the success of your campaign. Identify a few desirable outcomes that you can easily measure with the data your email program will collect. Your customersThe Photo Editing Services better you know your customers and the better you can tailor your campaigns to them, the greater the chances of your campaign being successful. From the outset, think about how you can divide your customer base into personalized segments, which can then be targeted with content relevant to

 Photo Editing Services Interests, and Customer Journeys

 Photo Editing Services

Automation is data-driven. Your “bot” will use data types as triggers to launch new actions. So you need to determine the most relevant triggers” for your campaign and Photo Editing Services your customers, and direct your automation to the appropriate “reaction”. For example, registration can trigger an automated welcome email, or a period of absence can trigger a re-engagement email. Depending on how segmented your audience is, the beauty of an automated system is that it can juggle multiple customer journeys with many different “reactions” to data triggers at Photo Editing Services once with ease. Take full advantage of this awesome multitasking skill – it’s not only great convenience, but it also saves your team a lot of headaches! However, to really benefit, you need to feed your automation with the right data in the right way. As part of your initial strategy, you should Photo Editing Services dive deep into the data. You need to align the data you have (or will have) with customer email patterns, reactions, etc.


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