Why and how to set up a digital strategy ? To build your strategy and ensure that it meets all your objectives, I suggest 10 elements that should enter into your reflection. This will allow you not to forget anything! Discover our white paper. Inbound Marketing: 9 key steps to Latvia Phone Number List your strategy. To begin with, it is necessary to do some monitoring work on your market to know the trends and see where your consumers are . The day before is also an opportunity to spy on your competitors and to know the main lines of their digital strategy to inspire yours or make it differentiating. In addition, it allows you to find inspiration for content creation .

When you have set up your digital marketing, the day before will be used for your curation. In other words, it will allow you to have content to distribute on social networks. By signing with an agency, you are engaging in a long-term collaboration, so it is better to come to an understanding with the members of the team! To be a good inbound marketing agency , you have to succeed in transposing into the daily life of your own customers who become the targets to be addressed. You will therefore be encouraged to collaborate closely so that your service provider can be in tune with your market!

Put the consumer back at the center of your digital strategy

The consumer is at the center of your digital strategy ! It is him that you seek to reach with your marketing campaigns. We must therefore show empathy to find an axis of communication that is likely to have an impact and elicit action. Thinking about your Buyer’s Personas also helps you determine the platforms on which you should communicate: social networks, forums, blogs, etc.

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3. Take into account the growth of mobility Azetone recently published an infographic which clearly shows that mobile use is important in France. Smartphone sales continue to increase and our country has 27 million mobile users (half the population). 57% of them have already purchased online using their smartphone. You must include your digital marketing strategy in a logic of mobility, with a responsive site, publications adapted to these media and why not, a mobile application.

Create content and share it

Without content marketing , there isn’t much you can do on the internet! It is the central pillar of any self-respecting digital strategy. It will be of use to you in many aspects of your marketing: for the construction of the website, for the management of your e-reputation, for the animation of a blog , to distribute it on social networks , for referencing , for your emailing campaigns, etc. It must be perfectly designed to appeal to your readers, as well as to search engine bots. Your articles must be pleasant to read, have high added value, and that they have a potential for dissemination in order to subtly promote your services.

Running a professional blog alongside your website is a great way to communicate with your consumers. It allows you to give additional information about your products and services, in order to convert prospects . It is also an asset for SEO since it allows you to constantly have new optimized content. It helps to increase notoriety and visibility thanks to the possibility of sharing its articles on social networks. The blog is therefore the perfect tool to distribute your content and improve your SEO! The reflection that you will have to carry out is also to know how to make coexist your various sites and your blog, while being careful not to scatter yourself and to privilege the long term vision.

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