The link building took a little lead in the wing in recent months with Google that began to Montenegro Email List punish certain techniques. It is therefore high time to take an overview of the different existing and risk-free methods that will allow you to create quality backlinks , with the aim of strengthening your SEO , that is to say of increasing the results. search engines .

What you should know is that the 10 techniques that will follow should be used in moderation (yes, like alcohol). Quality always prevails over quantity , especially in SEO! Initiate discussions with your community : ask questions, launch #FFs, get involved in public conversations,… But above all, don’t forget to add value to the discussions, otherwise they may seem a bit heavy!

SEO directories

But quality please! I cannot repeat it enough. There are still effective, high PageRank directories that can provide you with some relevant backlinks. Take care to carefully select the sites on which you register . If possible, choose them in your theme, in order to target your SEO even more and make Google more happy.
Some of the top-rated directories you can register with with your eyes closed include: aunch of Facebook at Work

Montenegro Email List

The latest innovation that could have an impact on the social media strategy of companies is clearly the launch of Facebook at Work. This platform aims to compete with Linkedin in the field of B2B relations. Companies whose clientele is primarily professional will certainly have to watch over the development of this service. It’s currently restricted to a few preferred partners, but you can still download the iOS app and even request to join the beta tester team to test the service among early adopters.

Press releases 2.0

To be used sparingly and above all rigorously! Press release sites may allow you to have a few additional links. However, as with directories, you have to pay attention to the platforms selected and above all put a unique text. This remains a complementary technique, but the impact of which is rather limited . I’m talking about it here because it’s still in use, but that’s not where you need to spend a lot of time.

I can already see SEO professionals giving me big eyes! Obviously, you should not exchange links at all costs, without looking at the quality of the site, nor its positioning. The best is that the process is natural and that you exchange your links with blogs that you like and follow. It is the guarantee to have exchanges made in the rules of the art and not to be sanctioned by the nasty Penguin of Google .

We are now getting to the heart of the matter with a method that works on several levels: comments on blogs with the same theme as yours . Not only is it a great way to get quality backlinks , but also to make yourself known and develop your network. If you take the trouble to put in constructive remarks, then you are bound to get noticed by the author and the readers. On the other hand, I insist on the notion of relevant comment ! If you just write “great article” or “I wrote an article on the subject too, you can read it here”, you are sure to never see your comment published and be considered a spammer .

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