Although there are too many to Cayman Islands Email Addresses all, the experts at our Google Ads agency wanted to bring together the most interesting features for you. So in this article, we’re going to go over some of Google’s most important advertising trends that kicked off in 2020, so you can stay ahead of the curve in 2021. Google Discovery ads appear on multiple Google platforms (including YouTube, Promotions in Gmail, and Google Discovery) and can be used to reach new potential customers with relevant and rich content throughout the user’s shopping journey. Discovery campaigns therefore combine attractive creatives and powerful audience targeting possibilities to create a new advertising experience.

Here is an example of Discovery ads below. google discovery campaign The “Buy on Google” program is now free Google has announced a major update to the Shopping Actions program which they now call “Buy on Google”. Google is removing the 5-15% commission fee for merchants who sell products through a “Buy on Google” ad. Amazon, Cdiscount, and other marketplaces typically charge merchants 10-15% of their commission fees depending on the product category. Google has also announced integrations with PayPal and Shopify to make it easier for merchants and will even allow them to submit their Amazon product feed to get started on the platform more easily.

New growth opportunity with Discovery

Google has announced new requirements for product feeds submitted to Google Merchant Center. They come at a time when product feeds are becoming more and more important for brands and retailers: it is the basis for Google Shopping ads, new free Google Shopping listings, “Buy on Google” listings and ads. of dynamic retargeting that use product feeds on the Google Display Network. Among these new requirements, the introduction of new fields within the feed such as the product_detail field as well as the product_highlight field, which aim to help Google to more precisely match the search terms with the products of advertisers.


New requirements for Merchant Center product flows Launch of “contactless withdrawal” for Local Inventory Ads This new feature comes at a time when consumer demand for security in making their purchases continues to increase. To increase their sales, merchants who have physical stores absolutely must have Local Inventory Ads. It may be a big investment at the start, but we expect these ads to lead to increased in-store sales. For merchants who are already running Local Inventory Ads, all they need to do is make sure they meet Google’s contactless withdrawal requirements to activate the badge. Free Google Shopping Listings

The “Buy on Google” program is now free

Google has opened its Google Shopping listings platform to Google Shopping free for merchants who have agreed to submit their optimized product flow on Google Merchant Center. We see this as a positive change for our customers and all advertisers who have already invested in creating a product feed. Although the volume of this program is still low, advertisers who have not yet launched paid Google Shopping campaigns will also be able to create some in order to gain in volume by mixing the two! According to Google, searches for “available near me” have increased by more than 100% globally since 2019, and 66% of shoppers said they plan to shop more at local small businesses.

It therefore makes sense for Google to invest in local commerce by offering several new features focused on in-store sales, including launching “take it later” features for Local Inventory Ads. This concerns products that the merchant does not have in stock at the moment, but of which he can specify the day of return in stock! Last year, Google first rolled out form extensions for search network campaigns, making it easy for businesses to collect information from forms without requiring users to be redirected to their website to complete them. Better yet, Google Forms are now pre-populated for users logged into Google properties. This year, Google rolled out form extensions to other properties: YouTube, Discovery ads, and Display.

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