The social media is an area whose exponential growth seems limitless. While tools such as Facebook and Twitter were still completely Ghana WhatsApp Number List to us a few years ago, today we spend a considerable amount of time there every day, whether for private or professional use.

Other platforms are emerging each year (the latest being Vine and Snapchat ), and despite a saturated market, they are gradually meeting with great success. And recently, Twitter decided to imitate its big brother Facebook and to go public … In short, social media have not stopped surprising us. The proof: these 10 amazing statistics that we offer you today!

Social networks are ubiquitous

Most of these numbers are rather surprising, aren’t they? What do you think ? Do you recognize yourself in these results? What do you think are the new trends that we should expect in the years to come? Do not hesitate to react or contact us to find out more about the opportunities in social media marketing!

Ghana WhatsApp Number List

Now Check Out 9 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know About Facebook And 13 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know About Google ! 1. On average, during the first half of 2013, Social Spam increased by 355% (source: Social Media Today)A perfect example to illustrate the narrative structure that comes from the agency Slide That Rock , specialized in visual storytelling:

Adopt inbound marketing in 2014

To take the leap of inbound marketing in 2014, it remains to convince your management, or if you are a decision maker, to plan a budget for the hiring of an employee or the use of an efficient service provider. From 40,000 euros per year, you will then become an expert easily identifiable on the internet by your prospects who will begin to solicit you directly as a service provider or supplier. If the efficiency of your conventions, your sales representatives and your traditional activities is at half mast, this may be the time to test a promising new approach, what do you say?

There is surely little room for change in your communication plan in 2014, to strengthen your image on a rapidly expanding digital channel, to find new qualified leads, to prepare for the future or ensure the survival of your business. . When it comes to dealing with digital communication, you must also keep in mind that you build up image capital and that space is limited, if your competitors position themselves before you and with talent on the internet, you will have a hard time dislodging them in the future … So watch your back and take the lead, to avoid seeing your worst enemy keeping a blog with 20,000 visits per month or more which will drain all the prospects of your industry and which monopolizes the top ranking of the search engines …

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