The white paper is the ideal partner for your Inbound Marketing strategy . Aimed at targeting qualified contacts , it offers information about the Albania Phone Number List activity in a useful and practical way. All the subtlety of a professional ebook lies in its ability to advertise your services, without actually doing so! It is at the heart of your Content Marketing and allows you to market your business through your expertise. Well written and offered by filling out a form, it is a real lead generator.

Discover our white paper. Inbound Marketing: 9 key steps to implement your strategy. So, how to write a white paper capable of arousing the interest of Internet users? Today we offer you 10 tips for creating an ebook with high added value . Go for CPC, if you want to increase the number of your fans or the audience on your web page. If your advertising is aimed at increasing awareness of your business or promoting a product, CPM is ideal.

Integrate the white paper into an Inbound Marketing strategy

Your white paper should perfectly fit and integrate with your entire Inbound Marketing campaign . It must position itself as an additional lever on the conversion path of your visitors. Your professional ebook must also be an ally of your SEO and position itself on strategic requests. By integrating your white paper into a global Inbound Marketing strategy, it can be used to:


Increase your database of qualified prospects Disseminate relevant information to optimize your natural referencing Promote your e-reputation to assert your credibility with Internet users. Retain your customers 2. Determine the objectives of the white paper
An effective ebook must serve a specific purpose . Your white paper should meet both your business goals and the expectations of your readers. Determining the objectives upstream, will then allow you to know where to lead your writing and will make it easier for you to write the plan.

Determine your target and angle of attack

Defining the target of your white paper in advance through a buyer persona as well as its place in the buying cycle is essential to ensure the quality of its writing. This allows you to better understand the needs of your readers to offer them suitable content. Technically, when you launched your Inbound Marketing strategy, you have already determined the characteristics of your buyer personas . Use this preliminary study to determine the angle of attack for your white paper. 4. Write powerful headlines for a summary that encourages downloading Choose a title that is catchy, precise and encourages discovery of the content. Being the first element of the text, the title must be simple and take up the problem to which it answers. Consider using a compelling keyword in the title.

5. Take care of the writing to encourage the reader to continue
Opt for an editorial style that is simple and accessible to readers. Your writing should be structured and well ventilated, to maintain the attention of the readership. Remember to stay consistent and logical in moving your ideas forward. Of course, avoid jargon that can ruin the reader, unless you are talking to the experts. If your job still requires technical terms, consider adding a lexicon at the end of your ebook.

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