Today it is vital for companies and brands to be present on social media . And the phenomenon of competition in content marketing strategies is now also observed on the web: have you ever wondered why your Turkmenistan Email List manage to generate dozens of likes , shares and comments on each of their posts on Facebook? when yours are mostly ignored? This is certainly because, contrary to appearances, writing a Facebook post that engages its readers is quite an art (yes, yes, ask any Community manager, he will confirm you!). And this is all the more true today, because with the recent algorithm changes made by Facebook , it is becoming more and more difficult to reach its audience easily.

Do not panic ! We have found an infographic for you that will help you produce more attractive posts on Facebook: Indeed, a company blog will be very useful for you to share with your fans all the news about your company, both on promotions and about a trade show or conference where you will be present (very important to testify of your dynamism in your field). But that is not the real point of a blog. As much as you have interesting weekly news to share, your blog shouldn’t be limited to it.

How to optimize your Facebook posts to maximize the engagement of your fans?

We’ve all seen companies use Facebook to copy paste their boring press releases that no one reads. Avoid any overly formal style on Facebook ( save this for LinkedIn ) and feel free to adopt a more casual and direct tone, no matter what sector of your business. 2. Post useful content for your followers. It always comes down to the same basic principles: write quality posts that answer your fans’ questions.

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3. Your content must be visual
It is well known that images are much more engaging than text, videos and links. Do not deprive yourself of it, but still be careful to choose quality images that integrate well with the Facebook news feed. Here are 7 techniques to optimize your images for SEO . 4. Be brief in your messages. Learn how to say more in the fewest words! Statistically, posts of 80 characters or less (that is, the size of a tweet) are the most engaging.

Adapt to your audience!

These tips are of course not intended to be exhaustive and there are certainly many other tips and tricks to try to boost your engagement on Facebook, such as: organize competitions; disseminate statistics;
publish at times when your audience is most active, using tools like; rely on current events by doing newjacking ; Discover our article dedicated to lead generation on Facebook

And you, do you have any other advice for us to give more impact to your Social Media marketing activities , whether on Facebook or on other social networks? 5. You are not a machine: play on emotion
As humans are extremely empathetic by nature, it is above all the emotions that make them want to react and take a stand. When writing a post, try to convey this desire to persuade, to invite discussion, and to elicit a reaction from your fans. Do not hesitate to shock voluntarily so as to open the debate and elicit comments.

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