On-page SEO optimization is used to structure your article or page, so that it is properly Paraguay Phone Number List by Google and goes up in the results. A perfectly optimized page will also allow your potential customers to come across your site, via search engine searches. To be sure you have pages that meet the SEO criteria, here are 12 key points to check:

The title of your page must absolutely contain the keyword. It is one of the most important elements of your page because it shows up in search results. In addition, its presence indicates to search engines the topic of your article or your page, which will make it go up as soon as Internet users seek information on this subject. If possible, make sure your title is not too long (around 60 characters) so that it is not truncated in the results and if possible, place the keyword at the beginning of it instead. The URL must also include your keyword. If your keyword is in fact an expression, then it will have to be separated with dashes. For example, if the target expression is “optimize a web page”, the link should be constructed as follows: / optimize-page-web.

What you must remember :

These 12 points must be considered in their entirety to work in synergy and allow your page to be referenced by your target . In addition, throughout on-page optimization, it is important to ensure that these practices are used in a fair and natural way. On-site SEO optimization must not fall into over-optimization. Google favors above all quality over quantity , so it is better to place a few expressions in strategic places, than the same keyword every two lines! What is SEO optimization and how can you optimize your site’s SEO?

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SEO optimization consists of a set of techniques to be implemented to improve the position of a website on search engines like Google. The more places your site gains on search engines, the more chances you have that it will be visible to Internet users.

Agency references

The meta description refers to the summary that is found below the title in search results. This should also contain your keyword or keyword phrase. To avoid it being truncated by Google and losing impact, it must be less than 156 characters. This summary does not only have a SEO objective, it is also an excerpt that will or not encourage the user to click on your link rather than another . You must then heal it and make it unique. Very often, it includes a call-to-action that impacts the Internet user. Depending on your field and the type of activity, your buyer personas can have many characters. It is then important that you repeat the exercise as many times as necessary .

It is important to know if the Inbound Marketing agency has already worked for a company in a sector of activity similar to yours (BtoB, BtoC, technical …). This shows that it has skills in relation to your market and that it will be able to offer you adapted solutions. Do not hesitate to take a look at his references and ask him concrete questions about the strategies implemented for a client in the same field as you. See with her the results obtained and the return on investment that has been generated.

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