We have entered marketing 3.0 and a digital transformation, where people and values ​​should be at the center of company communication. Family, friendship, professionalism, a competitive spirit and even Argentina Phone Numbers List of the environment are examples of values ​​that brands like to highlight to capture the attention of their target audience. The challenge ? Make consumers identify with the company, well beyond the products and services it offers. The question then arises of knowing how to go about transmitting its universe to its target, and build content that perfectly conveys the brand’s deep image to capture the attention of Internet users.

Understanding the concept of brand content
To communicate on its values, it is essential to bet on brand content. It is no longer a question of disseminating advertisements aimed at promoting a product. It is the consumer and your brand that must be at the center of your “advertisements”. The term is put in quotes, because here again, exit the traditional spots, the brand content imposes a more subtle content marketing.

First approach: Create useful and practical content

The first vehicle for communicating your values ​​is certainly your blog . Through your various articles, you can reveal part of your struggles, your culture and deeply humanize your communication, to impact your readers. The blog will give many leads to consumers in search of identification and belonging.


Thanks to its blog, Mixa Bébé transmits its values ​​and its sense of family. With the help of articles intended for both mothers and mothers-to-be, the brand is clearly positioning itself as the partner of pregnancy and young parents. Mixa shows her empathy towards young mothers and offers to guide them step by step, from the first trimester of pregnancy to the first years of the child. She conveys her solidarity and provides educational tools that position her directly as an expert in early childhood.

Second approach: Focus on emotion or the sensational

Emotion is a key factor in your brand content . If you can trigger a reaction from the Internet user with content rich in emotion, then you have a good chance that they will join your brand. However, emotion marks the prospect and keeps your images (and therefore your brand) in the back of their mind.

For example, to promote its energy drink, Redbull relies on strong emotions! This makes sense, since the company offers a product aimed at athletes, or people who need a boost from time to time, in the middle of a busy life. The brand thus offers a blog that includes news in the field of extreme sports and speed sports. Even if the drink remains a fairly simple product, it is carried by all the energy of these communications which create sensationalism and breathe escape. You end up feeling that drinking this product is almost as cool as jumping from a skyscraper with a parachute.

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