The essence of inbound marketing is to transform your website into a business development tool, that is to say to be able to attract visitors to your Venezuela Phone Number List and then turn them into leads. qualified . In other words, an inbound methodology aims to deploy a digital strategy that will succeed in converting as many visitors as possible to your website and ensuring that these visitors are as numerous and as qualified as possible.

You have understood it: the generation of traffic and its conversion are two essential indicators to ensure the success of an inbound marketing campaign (at least as far as the Marketing department is concerned, it is then up to Sales to take over) . This is the reason why we have already written several articles on our blog relating to these subjects. Now imagine that you are a regular reader of this blog and that you have implemented all the tips and techniques that we have provided you in these 3 articles:

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Thanks to the implementation of our advice, your traffic curve has increased significantly in recent months, but despite this you do not have more conversion possibilities and you do not understand why … Yet “more visits = more leads ” , is not it ? Yes, but only if you give your visitors the opportunity to convert into leads . If you do not implement these opportunities, or if they are not optimized, your visitors will leave your site without having taken any comprehensive action …

Your website is targeting the wrong audience

This is the most common mistake I encounter in my audit assignments. The client writes content from their blog or through the internal pages of their website , but they didn’t bother to understand who they really wanted to address. Result: the visitor does not find himself in the content offered and leaves the site without leaving his contact information or subscribing to the newsletter. The first thing to do is therefore to clearly define your buyer personas and identify their needs and challenges. You will then be able to align your content and offers based on the opportunities that you have located. Remember: your website must speak the language of your audience and provide them with the information / products / services they are looking for!

Venezuela Phone Number List

Let’s take a look at the 3 most common reasons that make your website look like a leaky shopping cart that lets your new lead opportunities slip away. vBy attracting Internet users who meet the profile of your buyers personas, a community management agency acts effectively on your sales and turnover. A community management agency to strengthen customer loyalty. When you manage your image perfectly on the internet, you stay in the wake of your digital consumers. You show off your different skills and encourage them to become more involved with your business. Prospects or customers who subscribe to your social networks do so with the aim of being constantly informed of your promotions and news, but also wish to benefit from advice, pre or post purchase.

Your website does not offer (enough) premium content

Before becoming a lead (and then a customer), a visitor likes to know who they’re dealing with. Are you really competent? Are you trustworthy? In order to convince them that you are the person they are looking for, it is important that you create offers ( white paper , podcast, demo video, etc.) that are provided for free in exchange for contact details. If you already offer this kind of content on your website but your overall conversion rate is not convincing, perhaps you should question your relevance and consider creating new ones, more in line with the problem. of your customers.

A community management agency builds your community and makes sure to engage it, in order to transform customers into ambassadors . Its mission is to strengthen loyalty and brand identification through eye-catching content, fun contests and powerful visuals, in line with your values ​​and objectives. In addition, dialogue and exchange with subscribers further reinforces this idea of ​​belonging . The consumer feels privileged and involved.

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