If you are familiar with Twitter and use this social network on a regular basis, you Russia WhatsApp Number List know what a hashtag is . On the other hand, for those who do not “tweet”, this term may be completely new to you. In short, a hashtag (or hashtag in its French version) is a marker (#) that allows Twitter users to give their message additional context. For this social media where the number of characters is limited (140 maximum), the hashtag is particularly useful.

But the hashtag covers another much more useful interest in the context of a digital marketing strategy : that of transforming a topic of discussion or a phrase into a sort of hyperlink that allows, when clicked on, to find all the posts containing the same hashtag. Building on its success on Twitter, the hashtag quickly spread to other social networks like Instagram, Google + and even Facebook. A hashtag can therefore prove to be a formidable weapon in the context of a Social Media Marketing campaign to create a temporary community, create a buzz or start a discussion on a given subject. This Slideshare from the Wishpond agency shows us 3 ways to use them.

he “Brand and Campaign Hashtags” in the digital strategy

These are hashtags used to promote a brand or campaign by boosting branding or visibility on social media
Exemple de Brand hashtag : Kitkat The Kitkat candy bar brand uses the brand hashtag #HaveABreak, which is actually their tagline. By consistently using this hashtag on all social media, she has managed to federate a “Kitkat community” with which she interacts regularly.

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Involve them in your work: Imagine soliciting an influencer and asking them to allow you to use some of their research to produce new, more useful and valuable content. This influencer will necessarily have an interest in sharing this work to which he will have indirectly contributed. Corroborate their ideas or beliefs: if you produce content whose conclusions match those of an influencer, you establish a strong connection with him, and you can even imagine a future collaboration with him.

Les « Content Hashtags »

These are the most widely used hashtags, which we use in our posts to give them semantic value. They are used to give more visibility to our publications. For example, at Markentive, we regularly use the hashtags #Inboundmarketing, #Content or #SEO because these are our favorite themes. When a person searches for one of these terms, they are therefore likely to come across our posts, thereby giving us more exposure.

And you, what do you think of the use of hashtags in a Social Media Marketing campaign? Have you ever tried them? Do not hesitate to share your experiences with us! As we said above, social networks are a very important tool in content marketing strategy . They make it possible to capture the attention of your buyer personas via different platforms: Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin etc … But all these social networks are different and the same content should be posted there differently. On Twitter for example, the use of hashtag is systematic and the rate of publication must be much more sustained than on Facebook. You might think that to broadcast a video, you just have to put it on the dedicated Youtube platform but no, it is also very important to post your video via Facebook for various reasons .

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