Buying a product for personal consumption or subscribing to an offer in a professional context are two completely different concepts. If the purpose is El Salvador Phone Number List the act of purchase, the cycle of reflection and decision-making are based on different levers . The individual favors the emotional, even if he asks for more and more guarantees and he does not hesitate to inform himself and compare the offers, especially when the purchase is important. The BtoB buyer, for his part, will resort to a much longer reflection phase and ask for solid evidence.the seriousness and expertise of the company. The purchases he will make will have to participate in the success of the company above all. However, whatever user you target, keep in mind that solutions exist to reach them through digital marketing.

It is important, if not essential, to take these differences into account when establishing your digital marketing strategy . The content you will broadcast , the tone used to communicate with your target audience and the places of distribution will differ significantly from those used to address the general public. To help you see more clearly, here are 4 notable differences between an Inbound Marketing strategy intended for individuals and one established for professionals.

The size and nature of the potential BtoB vs BtoC market

The size of the target market is often very small in BtoB, especially if your products or services are aimed at a specific activity. There are generally fewer professionals and companies than individuals, except in certain situations, where one could compare, for example, a company that offers BtoB cleaning services (which are therefore aimed at most companies), to a company that sells utensils for the visually impaired (which does not correspond to the majority of the population). Therefore, your entire strategy will need to be precise to target your buyer personas very precisely .From your SEO research to the development of your content, including social media marketing, presence on social networks and customer relationship management, all your actions must be carefully organized to address this specific population.


A BtoB digital strategy does not allow “generic” and it will be necessary to take care to precisely segment its prospects. The success of digital marketing relies on the generation of qualified leads , which will then have to be converted into customers thanks to a personalized offer .

The tone of content marketing

Your Content Marketing strategy must also be adapted to the expectations of a BtoB clientele. While it is not fair to jump to conclusions by saying that individuals are based purely on the emotional, while professionals are asking for the factual, we can nonetheless say that companies seek more concrete than the general public . Certain concepts specific to the general public are not taken into account in the same way in BtoB. The need for belonging or esteem is less felt by professionals, even if the trend is emerging more and more. BtoB buyers above all want security and realistic promises for purchases that affect the development of their activity.

When writing your content, whether it’s your blog articles, white papers or acquisition emails, you must always respond to a problem, with figures, studies and concrete examples. A professional rarely makes his or her decision alone, especially if you are talking to large companies. Its choice will impact the entire service, so it is normal to target several decision-makers. It even happens that companies call on external experts to analyze the different offers they receive. It is therefore a whole chain of people that must be convinced. To make a difference and capture their attention, you need to prove your point with high added value content. Try with concrete feedback, tangible testimonials and in-depth studies.

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