The launch of your mobile application is an essential step for its success! It is from the first download that you will make the investment Azerbaijan Phone Number List , but above all create a virtuous circle for the promotion of your application . With over a million apps on both the AppStore and the Google Play Store, it’s important to take a smart approach to stand out and climb the ranks of the most downloaded apps. The objective being, of course, for it to be downloaded even more!

As such, you must bet on digital marketing to bring Internet users to your application and encourage them to download it. To help you do this, today we are giving you 4 Inbound Marketing tips to successfully launch your mobile application . In addition, as the Uberflip infographic cited above demonstrates, among the most effective methods in B2B sales, meetings on events are in pole position, closely followed by webinars. These have the advantage of offering a meeting , even virtual, with the interlocutor. They are therefore a great way to reach a target who does not live near your business. They ostensibly open your prospecting market.

Make word of mouth work

First of all, you have to talk about your innovation in those around you . Inform your family, friends and all your mobile-loving relatives to tell them about your idea. Do not forget either to warn your employees about this future launch and the interest of your project for the future of the company. It is even recommended to involve them in the development of the application and to make them beta testers. Thanks to their criticisms and suggestions, you will have relevant elements to improve the functionality and ergonomics of your application.


The opinion of people outside the company, like the opinion of direct collaborators, will help you to offer a complete application, up to the expectations of the users and the objectives of your company. By already involving as many people as possible before the launch, you will have a base of people ready to officially download the application on dedicated platforms and to write favorable opinions to encourage other Internet users to install it. They will also be ambassadors to their circles of friends and will then trigger a dynamic of word-of-mouth.


Content marketing: a key factor for the launch of your application

The goal being to interest people in your creation, it is wise to communicate on the launch of the application via your blog . Here again, you can involve your readers, who are also potential users, in the development of your software. Talk to them about the advances, ask them what features they would like to find there … Not only will you be able to create content regularly thanks to this method, but you will awaken the interest of your readers.

Do not hesitate to involve the digital press (journalists, bloggers, etc.) to enhance your Content Marketing strategy, with external articles from influencers. It is a simple and inexpensive way, but with a strong impact on the target customers. Qualitative content disseminated via important blogs increases your audience and broadens your mobile user market . Finally, depending on the nature of your application, you can also put out a user guide that will demonstrate all the important features and their daily usefulness. This will strengthen SEO , while usefully promoting your app to your buyer personas .

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