The obvious Kenya WhatsApp Number List for the Mountain View firm is to give Internet users confidence by emphasizing the words of experts who will promote the purchase. Recommendations like this can help reassure shoppers about their purchases, and while recommendations from friends are often more influential in this regard, they will provide Google Shopping users with another way to gain better product overview.After a year 2020 which has favored the explosion of online shopping, tools like this one are called to become more and more present. Once again, with the increase in the presence of augmented reality, you can expect to see many more options like this to help provide buyers with an even closer shopping experience to that of a .

These new features are currently only available to US users in Google Shopping, since December 17, 2020.Many e-merchants focus on acquiring traffic rather than converting their e-commerce site. However, working on the optimization of the conversion rate is a crucial element in e-commerce since it increases turnover and leads to better profitability.In this article, the experts from our SEO agency wanted to give you some advice to boost your sales by optimizing your conversion rate, without necessarily having to increase your traffic. Here are our 4 Quick Wins!

Identify opportunities thanks to your internal engine

Optimizing your internal search engine can help boost your sales. Examine internal search engine data in Google Analytics to identify what users are looking for and what products are displayed for each query to identify potential areas for optimization such as:Users find it difficult to find certain information in the menu and therefore go through the internal search engine.The products displayed by a results page do not meet the user’s intent and therefore help increase the exit rate.The results page does not display all affected products.When exporting your data, allow at least 6 months or even 1 year of data to make sure you don’t run out of opportunities due to seasonality.


We also recommend that you delete all queries with a low search volume.Rank queries by search volume and identify the type of pages that users have the most difficulty finding. For example, if you see a lot of searches for a brand’s terms, it may be a sign that your users are having trouble finding that brand’s page while browsing your site. You can then decide to make it more visible.Identify missing content. These are queries with high search volumes for which there are not yet dedicated pages on your site. In this case, if you have the offer in question, you can create specific pages that match those queries.

Below are a few things to pay attention to

Look at search terms that are very specific. This may be because the results pages are not responding to users’ intent. This is because when your internal search engine’s algorithm isn’t showing the most relevant items in the first place, you may need to make some manual adjustments to put the most relevant results at the top of the list.Modify the configuration of your internal search engine to take into account typing errors, spelling etc. (Example: a user who searches for “teshirt” might have a results page with only one product, while a user who types “t-shirt” gets a results page with all products).The configuration of your internal engine should also take into account synonyms and alternative terms to avoid directing users to incomplete or empty results pages.

Enabling predictive searches to show users popular queries for the word they are searching for also has a positive impact on site engagement.Optimize your category pages for conversionIt is also important to ensure that your transactional pages ( category pages and product pages) are optimized for conversion. You will find below some elements to take into account to boost the conversion of your category pages:Allow users to view products in “quick view” without having to leave the category page. It may take a while for a new page to load.

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