The long tail is a concept that allows you to optimize your keywords for SEO, by Morocco Phone Number List them. Unlike a keyword which is often made up of one or two words, a long tail keyword is a complete and precise expression. To better understand this concept and know how to optimize your SEO, you can consult the article ” Succeeding in SEO thanks to the long tail or long tail strategy “.

In this article, we’ll instead focus on how the long tail can help you with your content marketing strategy . Here, according to Markentive, are the 4 main reasons to use this method for your content! Lead nurturing participates in the qualification of prospects By using a powerful software like Marketo or Hubspot , you will quickly see the evolution of the contact as the emails sent, visualize his clicks, his registrations, etc. This will allow you to easily sort out responsive or mature contacts from those who seem to be uninterested in your offers. After many attempts, perhaps it will be more relevant to give up sending these prospects who do not respond to your various requests anyway …


The main interest of long tail keywords obviously lies in SEO. If the content on your site is optimized for general queries, the long tail is particularly useful in your blog posts to position you on more specific queries . Generic keywords often have a lot of competition unless you are placed in a niche. SEO can therefore take a long time to do. With the long tail, you can increase your traffic bit by bit. Indeed, if these expressions attract fewer people, they position you better.

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So sometimes, it is better to easily place yourself on several requests that attract 100 people, than never succeed in placing yourself on an expression that attracts 10,000 Internet users. Small streams make great rivers … On the most advanced contacts, you can send personalized offers alongside those triggered automatically or even pick up your phone for effective sales canvassing. If the Internet user has opened all your emails and subscribed to various offers, he will be receptive to your phone call and will be willing to converse with you. Without lead nurturing , maybe your contact would not yet have realized what you could bring to them and would not be receptive to your call. As you know we never have two chances to make a good first impression … you will most certainly think of lead nurturing next time formake your sales people more efficient and improve the experience of your prospects with regard to your company.

For inspiration

When you use a tool to research keyword ideas and go on a long tail basis, then it will list you various queries frequently searched by internet users. As such, you will have various questions that will arise. These will allow you to find inspiration for your future content . You can use Übersuggest or Google’s autofill feature to see what people are looking for around a keyword or phrase, and get some ideas out of future articles.

For example, if you sell musical instruments and accessories and are looking for ideas for your blog, you can type “musical instrument” in Übersuggest and search multiple levels for inspiration.As you will have understood, content is at the heart of the lead nurturing strategy. It is what will support the customer throughout the process and support the conversion of your qualified contacts into real customers. The Lead Nurturing is therefore one of the last links in the “chain ROI” under reduced of inbound marketing .

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