The press release has evolved as the use of the internet has grown. If it was mainly used to contact journalists to tell them about significant news from Bolivia Phone Numbers List in the past, today it is part of the logic of Inbound Marketing and becomes a communication medium both to journalists and to the bloggers and influencers of target customers. If everyone becomes a contributor, an author, then why limit the press release to journalists only?

The objective remains the same but some nuances emerge: it is to enhance the image of your company and generate spinoffs. Except that the expected spin-offs are no longer only articles or briefs in the written press, but also blog articles, backlinks for SEO , Facebook statuses, tweets, requests for quotes by email, comments … All these new kind of feedback will allow you to speed up your digital activities. Unfortunately, most traditional press relations agencies integrate them little or awkwardly into their services by focusing their actions in the written press and relying on their solid network acquired over many years ..

Determine the objectives of the press release

On the Internet, the press release can have several purposes. It can be used to get your messages across to your targets, but it is also an asset for your SEO, traffic generation , optimization of a social media marketing campaign, etc.


When writing it, you must clearly specify the action you want to put in place: attract influencers, generate traffic to the site, capture the attention of journalists, encourage requests for quotes, manage your e-reputation … If you use databases of journalists targeted for your activity, you will also have to establish a list of blogs, webzines, important influencers in your sector of activity to send them a specific press release. Please note, the blogger is not a journalist and the tone of the communication must be adapted (we will talk about this again)!

Publish quality information to a qualified audience

A press release differs from a blog post in that it is usually posted when you have big news to report. Whether it is the release of a new product or service, the organization of an event, obtaining an award, the opening of new premises or the launch of a website, it is preferable that the pillar of the press release is an announcement concerning the development of your business.

You will be able to show Internet users that your business is progressing and that you are a trusted partner. In this aspect, the digitized press release does not differ from its predecessor and should avoid promotional discourse. In the logic of Inbound Marketing , it is also used to bring users to your site or blog with the hope of making customers. Always keep it simple and factual in your ad and above all, embellish it all with multimedia content, visuals, graphics or customer quotes. Take the opportunity to always have an attached piece on your website such as a white paper to download, an interview or other premium resources that might entice the reader to go to your website.

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