The keystone of your SEO strategy , keywords should be rigorously researched before Niger Email List getting into content writing. They help you select specific queries, to attract your target customers, and position you on the first pages of Google. Moreover, to help SEOs and webmasters, it is free to them one of the Keyword Planner tool , formerly named ” generator of keywords .”

On the other hand, social networks are a way to share the content of Internet users who enhance your brand . This will encourage other readers to create their own content around your business, to distribute it in turn. Set up a sponsorship method. Sponsorship is a very popular marketing strategy that consists of encouraging customers to recommend your products / services to those around them, through a system of earning. This form of viral marketing is a win-win partnership between the two parties involved (sponsor and godson), but also with the company. When the customer brings another customer to the company, he receives a reward: gift, discounts, vouchers, additional points on the loyalty card, etc.

A powerful and comprehensive tool

For those who are new to Google’s keyword planning tool, know that it is a must-have tool for setting up your SEO strategy . Whether it is to optimize your content marketing, gain places in the search engine or invest in a paid campaign, it is essential to the success of your website! Free, it allows you to research specific short or long tail keywords , get hundreds of ideas, and measure keyword competition. Very precise, it also helps you with your local SEO, as it is possible to set location parameters that go up to the city (before, you could only target by country).

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In addition, each keyword is accompanied by precise indications such as the ” average number of monthly searches ” and the ” average cost per click “. You can better analyze the impact of these words on your SEO and budget for a possible Adwords campaign.

The possibilities offered by the keyword planner

There are 4 ways to use Google’s keyword research tool. We will see in detail these different options and how to use them for your SEO strategy. 1. Look for new keyword ideas
Building a list of keywords can quickly become tedious and ideas are not always there. The Keyword Planner helps you with this task by providing you with very specific phrases, with low search volume, but more qualified. You can then choose the keywords to highlight in your content, to target refined queries and obtain a better conversion rate.

Another feature of Google’s keyword planning tool that is particularly interesting is finding out what keywords your competition is using . In this section, you can enter a specific page, from your site or from a competitor’s site, for Google to analyze and select the dominant keywords. An effective way to find inspiration and try to gain some places in the first pages.

This method then encourages your consumers to become ambassadors, thanks to the promise of a tempting gain . Some brands do not hesitate to put the sponsors in competition and offer them big rewards. This motivates them to recruit more referrals and therefore potential customers for your business. To make this system even more efficient, it is even possible to offer a welcome bonus to the referral.

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