I have been a huge fan of TED Talks for a long time . Since 2006, this platform for Mauritania Email List ideas has invited the greatest minds in this world ( Steve Jobs , Bill Clinton, Larry Page and Bill Gates , to name a few) to share their best presentations in less than 20 minutes on topics as vast as medicine, architecture, ecology or even education.

Visiting the TED website means making sure you discover a video that will make you see the world around you in a whole new way. In digital marketing more than in any other field, technologies are evolving at high speed, forcing marketers to constantly rethink their brand, their products and services as well as the way they approach their consumers. Fortunately, there are many marketing-related TED Talks that will allow you to think “out of the box” and make some innovations in the way you work. Here are the 5 presentations that definitely changed my way of understanding this discipline …

Seth Godin – How to get your ideas to spread

For the followers of Inbound marketing , Seth Godin is no longer to present. He is indeed credited as being the father of the discipline that he “theorized”, or at least revealed, in his book Permission Marketing. But it would be blasphemous to reduce this real marketing guru to this simple book … In this presentation, Godin explains how, in this hyper connected world which is ours and where the competition is fierce, the success of a company depends less on less of the quality of its products. The most important thing is this ability to be able to germinate in the minds of consumers the idea that their product is unique and that they need it more than another. The dissemination of ideas is therefore the key to successful marketing.

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If you are developing chapters that span multiple pages, consider doing a brief summary with key points at the end of each major section. This will help readers remember the essentials of your writing , especially the ones that need to elicit action. The visual remains the keystone of your white paper. Incorporating relevant images, such as infographics, charts, or diagrams helps keep readers’ attention. In addition, this type of visual can convey important information in seconds.

Rory Sutherland – Life lesson of an Ad man

Former PR at Ogilvy, Rory Sutherland is an authority on the advertising world. In this lecture, he somewhat echoes the idea that Seth Godin developed in the previous presentation. According to him, the intrinsic value of the goods and services that we consume is purely subjective, and is strongly linked to the way we perceive things. Therefore, rather than just wanting to produce a better product than its competitor, a good approach would be to change the consumer’s perception of it. The purpose of your whitepaper is to trigger action on the part of the reader. Logically, a call-to-action should be placed in the conclusion or on the last page of the document. Also add all your contact details, so that the user can contact you easily.

An optimized ebook should address a specific problem and demonstrate the expertise of your business . But it should not be used as a billboard for your products or services. It will be understood that you have the means to respond to the problem, but you must not place your benefits unexpectedly. This would risk arousing the suspicion of your reader, who came above all to receive factual information.

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