Increasingly used by brands and businesses, the Instagram social application represents an essential tool for an effective social media strategy . With more than 150 million subscribers, it is a real marketing tool for the UK Phone Number List of your notoriety on the internet. In order to take advantage of all the opportunities this social app offers you, here are some useful tips to liven up your Instagram profile and increase your number of subscribers.

Social network of the image par excellence, Instagram is therefore the ideal tool for promoting your visuals . It’s also the perfect place to start a photo contest, to get your community to submit their best images. Not only will you create a spirit of competition between them, but it also helps attract new users to your business page. In addition, you can enhance your image by offering a photo contest where your products are the focus of the shots. This will allow you to flood the social network with your brand. A strong communication action for a small budget!

Take a look behind the scenes of the company

Instagram also allows you to create backstage access for your business. This open door behind the scenes humanizes the relationship with your customers . They will also have the impression of benefiting from exclusive content and of being truly integrated into the company, which strengthens their membership and loyalty. Therefore, consider posting beautiful photos or videos related to each segment of your business (your offices, employees, production chain…). Share the daily life of your company to better promote the dynamism of your team and your know-how.


General Electric is a very telling example of this strategy. The brand, which is mainly aimed at companies and whose universe is not very glamorous, yet knows very well how to promote its business through its Instagram account. It offers impressive shots of the interior of its manufacturing plants. In the end, subscribers have no choice but to be captivated by the force that emanates from the visuals and that shows the power of the business.

Showcase your products on Instagram

Thanks to the multiple filters offered on Instagram, you can promote your articles with professional photos. Be creative and diversify your product catalog as much as possible (vary the angle of view, the style, the colors…). Do not limit yourself to the mere fact of presenting the product, remember to show its usefulness, how to use it and the manufacturing process (if you are a designer) to your followers.

Glass is Life is an international association which aims to promote the use of glass on a daily basis. This organization was started by OI, the world’s leading packaging manufacturer. To highlight the product, the company’s Instagram account posts photos of the glass used in everyone’s daily life: at the table, as a vase, in the kitchen, as a decorative object, etc. For example, Samsung offers Instawards. The goal is to submit their photo with the hashtag #SamsungInstawards. A jury will then select the most beautiful photos. Of course, the prizes to be won are Samsung phones. The objective of this campaign is to encourage as much as possible the dissemination of the competition with a dedicated hashtag , where the name of the brand is present. This then allows Samsung to generate particular interest among its subscribers and increase its notoriety.

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