For your Inbound Marketing strategy to be effective, it is important to write relevant content that will appeal to readers and encourage them to discover your Kenya Phone Number List in more detail. An attractive article is also a vector of audience since it is shared more on social networks. So, how do you improve your blog posts to increase their impact? Follow the leader !

Prepare an outline of the article first
You’ve found a great topic that will surely appeal to your buyer personas and that should help you get traffic to your website. Before you start writing, do your research first, list all your ideas, take the time to identify key figures and useful studies, and write everything down in your Word file. When you’ve brainstormed, you need to organize the ideas so that your article stays cohesive.

Set a plan, knowing that your blog post should be funnel-shaped : main idea first, then subsequent ideas in order of importance. The point is to engage your readers, but we all know they don’t complete the article in most cases . So make sure you show off your knowledge right from the start. If the user is captivated, he will continue reading to know all the details.

Define the angle of attack and tone of the article

Depending on the topic of your article, you need to determine an angle of attack. Each subject can be treated in a different way. You can make it a technical banner that shows your know-how, but also take advantage of it to spread your values. You also have the possibility of making an inventory by drawing up a history of a concept or even choosing an economic angle which will sell the financial advantages of your services.

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Depending on the angle of attack chosen, you will be able to establish consistency in your writing and precisely select your words or expressions . A technical description will rather have short and concise sentences, with the use of the imperative, while a text intended to elicit an emotion will have slightly longer sentences, with adjectives and softer terms. Determining this criterion in advance will allow you to optimize your writing and more easily reach your goal.

Think directly of natural referencing or SEO

Defining your keywords well before writing isn’t just for your SEO. Keywords are indicators of the topic covered in your article. They direct the reader and allow him to immediately capture the main subject of your text. Therefore, well chosen, the keyword impacts visits, not only via organic searches, but also by the number of clicks from social networks.

When you have determined the expression that targets both search engines and Internet users, you must place it in strategic places such as the beginning of your title, in the introduction and in at least one sub-title. Of course, it should be present in the content, but also be sure to use synonyms to make reading more enjoyable. Except for very specific content such as case studies, it is better to have several short articles than a long article. Try to be a maximum of 1000 words long . Know that after a while your brain will tire and so will your readers.

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