Why is digital marketing important for your business? In a modern world where technology and the internet invade our daily lives, digital Algeria Mobile Number List defines the process that leads a company to adopt new tools, to adapt, and to change its practices to perform in this new environment. On the marketing level, it is a question of adapting its methods of networking, prospecting and sales, by capitalizing on the latest digital developments and by taking into account the new expectations of consumers. Here are 5 good reasons to start now !

Reason n ° 1: because there are 43.2 million Internet users in France
Whatever happens, you will have to do it at some point. The later you do it, the more your competition will have taken a lead on you. The digital revolution is well underway, as proof: 8 out of 10 French people have regular access to the Internet. Screens have largely taken place in homes, whether via computers, tablets or smartphones. Likewise, consultation of traditional media is declining, and mobility is exploding …

Reason n ° 2: because 60% of French people get information on the internet before buying

The second reason to invest in the internet for your marketing is to change the habits of consumers. According to the latest Google consumer barometer, they begin their purchasing process by searching for information on the internet . Moreover, nearly one in 2 French people say they have bought directly online following their research, and the BtoB environment is not left out.


The lack of a digital presence prevents you from being visible to those immediate customers who may be looking for a product that your company can provide them. Reason n ° 3: because 80% of French people are registered on at least one social network. Communication on social networks is an integral part of the digital transformation. Nearly 8 out of 10 French people use at least one social network . Facebook is in the lead with 62% of the French population having an account, and Twitter attracts 1 in 5 French people.

Reason n ° 4: because the cost of acquiring a lead is 60% lower on the internet

Among these Internet users, 38% follow at least one brand (including 50% who follow more than 5). By subscribing to brand pages, they want to benefit from commercial promotions, get advice on products and services, give their opinion, talk to the brand or receive exclusive information. Consumers no longer just want to be actors in their purchases and see brands as inaccessible entities. Today, it is time for exchange, sharing and closeness, and this is impossible without a proactive digital presence . By refusing digital transformation, you immediately cut yourself off from new consumers who absolutely seek to humanize their relationships with companies.

We discussed this point in the article “ 5 reasons why inbound marketing is more powerful than traditional marketing ”. Thanks to the personalization of the message, the humanization of the relationship and the techniques of acquisition of traffic, you build a qualified prospecting file , which it is much easier to transform.

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