The Inbound Marketing is required gradually to the detriment of traditional marketing . If the latter is not to be forgotten for the benefit of digital marketing, it is gradually giving way to more powerful and less Colombia Phone Number List strategies. Here are 5 reasons why we think Inbound Marketing is positively different from traditional marketing . List to complete of course! You must therefore also capture these readers with an adapted Content Marketing strategy . This is where the publication of micro-content comes into play. Again, no perfect figure on the number of publications per week, it’s up to you to think about the news that you can distribute.

Like articles, it can be good to give your readers a weekly meeting: “the news of Monday”, “the tip of Wednesday”, “the date of Friday”. Set up a global digital strategy The answer to the question “How much content should I create to be successful in my Content Marketing strategy ?” Is not unique. If we had to bring one, we would say, like Hubspot, “Post as often as you want to be found on the internet.”

Reason # 1: An almost limitless pool of potential customers

The campaigns Inbound Marketing have no borders! Since they live on the internet, except to set up a geolocated strategy, you can reach a much larger market than with traditional marketing . You no longer have to multiply the media to communicate in several countries, the Internet is available everywhere!


In total, a market of almost 3 billion Internet users is opening up to you, 13% of which are located in Europe. Every minute, 4 million searches are made on Google and 204 million emails are sent. Of course, you are not alone on the web and you will have to stand out from your competition. But it’s reasonable to assume that almost all of your targets use the internet, which is not necessarily the case with television, print, newspapers, conventions, or billboards.

Reason # 2: More precise targeting of prospects induced by natural referencing

Having access to a large market is good, but being able to reach exactly your target is even better. With Inbound Marketing, you can generate qualified traffic and target your campaigns to a specific audience. Thanks to SEO, you produce useful content that meets the needs of Internet users who have a clear interest in your services. People who have no interest in your business will not be affected by your content.

Also, the feedback you get is only for your audience. You then benefit from more restricted, but qualified traffic, which will be easier to concentrate on to sell. You can also initiate a guest blogging strategy to improve your SEO as part of an inbound markating strategy.

It should also be the subject of a comprehensive reflection on your entire content marketing strategy . It must meet your objectives: manage its e-reputation, increase its audience, generate qualified contacts, increase its mobile clientele, position itself better in search engine results, etc.

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