The inbound marketing may well have taken center stage in recent years, too few Senegal WhatsApp Number List still seem willing (for lack of courage?) To embark on the adventure. And, quite often, the same reason seems to hold back marketing managers and business leaders: the obligation to maintain a corporate blog and to regularly feed it with content .

Because who says digital Inbound Marketing strategy also says Content Marketing . One cannot exist without the other. Indeed, the production of quality content is at the heart of an integrated and targeted approach to marketing, fueling and giving life to all marketing activity around it. Unfortunately, the problem with content marketing is that it is a very time consuming and energy intensive technique . However, the benefits that you could reap by applying yourself to publish content through your blog are manifold and can radically transform your business. Here are a few examples: Another important variable concerns the number of landing pages and downloadable offers that you offer to your visitors. Still according to Hubspot, companies that set up between 11 and 15 landing pages on their site get twice as many leads than those that have only one to five.

A business blog boosts your website traffic

The more you blog, the more you will increase inbound traffic to your website. To illustrate this first fact, I will rely on a very enriching blog article , in which the author carried out a small experiment: publish 50 contents in 25 days (that is to say twice a day for 5 weeks) in order to measure the impact on its inbound traffic. And the least we can say is that the results of this digital strategy have far exceeded his expectations … His website has been completely inundated with new visitors and all of its performance indicators have skyrocketed:

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In a commercial approach, the impact of all the actions you take must be able to be measured as much as possible because it is very difficult to improve what cannot be measured. Since content marketing is a marketing strategy in its own right, it is obviously possible to observe the effects on your business. Marketing automation software can help you identify content that drives traffic, interaction, conversion. By putting Calls-to-Action directly in your articles and by offering premium resources on filling out a form,you will be able to know which visitors turn into prospects and ultimately which ones turn into customers. Beyond the positive effects of content marketing on your image, you will be able to measure how many customers you have gained, the margins you will have generated thanks to these messages and relate them directly to the investments made.

A professional blog improves your SEO

Frequently updated blogs are more easily found by search engines than sites with static content. Google loves fresh and original content . That’s why starting your blog is definitely the best decision to make if you want to improve your SEO : With each new article published, Google (as well as the other search engines) scans your site and indexes its pages, which increases visibility and promotes positioning ;

The keyword research linked to your site will naturally be enriched, since each of your articles will contain a different combination. The more articles you write, the more keywords you will have, and the more likely you are that a Google search will point to one of your pages;

Each article shared generates inbound links, which is perceived by Google as being a trust index ( TrustRank ), which is an essential criterion for positioning (I myself have just made a link to another blog in the previous point, which acts positively on its reputation, and therefore its referencing).
Morality? Blog regularly for better SEO! If you’re running out of ideas, here are 6 endless sources of inspiration for your “blog marketing” .

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