In this article, the experts at our Google Turks and Caicos Islands Email List will present you 5 tips to effectively test new titles and new descriptions and thus attract more qualified users to your site. When you are first considering incorporating terms into your feed to boost your conversions, you can start by using performing keywords from your Google Ads campaigns as well as data from your e-commerce site. Define the search terms that you find most relevant and that allow you to highlight what customers are really looking for. As long as your terms are consistent with your brand, there is nothing wrong with using them.

Testing terms in the headlines or descriptions of your feed only helps your ads appear more often and does not prevent your ads from appearing for other terms. Another tip to experiment with when searching for terms is to use seasonal terms like “summer clothing” or “winter clothing”, general terms like “better” or “new” and even terms that can match your audience as a “teenager” or “vintage look” etc. Below is an example of ASOS using seasonality in its descriptions: Once you have your list of terms to test, how can you tell if they are effective? The best practice for determining the success of your test is to compare certain metrics, such as CPCs and conversion rates of the terms in your test against

Use High Potential Search Terms

all other terms (isolating the brand), to compare profitability against. to the overall average performance. You are going to be able to determine how likely these terms are to be more successful and to be more relevant than other non-brand terms for which you are already getting traffic. It is important to consider the context when extracting data. Seasonal terms are a good example. If you are looking to take a test in mid-February, use the performance of the past year to compare effectively! You can also take into account the impact of covid if it has affected your business during certain periods, especially between the beginning and the middle of 2020. Then feel free to use the data from 2019 for a more comparison. correct !


Optimizing your Google Shopping titles by including your search terms should be different from your descriptions. Optimizing your headlines allows users to see your new search term immediately in your advertisements and makes you more eligible for certain queries. Optimizing your descriptions can help you keep your title “clean” so that it meets Google’s 150 character limit while maximizing your chances of appearing on strategic queries. So the difference between optimizing your titles and descriptions is to use relevant terms or short sentences in your titles and use slightly longer sentences in your descriptions. Example of adding a title: “Product title – spring-summer boutique”.

use performance indicators 

A / B testing is another way to compare test data with control data to see how that test data actually performed in relation to overall performance. The two common uses of A / B testing for flow testing are: When your terms are used for one period, then deactivated for another period, over and over again And when you use all the terms and compare them to the previous period. This type of test is very effective because it allows comparisons to be made without the data being distorted by external factors. Example of adding a description: “Product description – Buy your vintage clothes at xyz”.

Example of a description insertion: “This world famous coffee maker will make you enjoy every sip!” “. Tip # 5: use different comparison periods A good starting point to get an idea of ​​test performance is to compare the volume of queries containing test terms (impressions) before, during, and one year before the test. By comparing the results of your impressions for the term tested before and during the test, you can assess the volume you generated. By comparing the impressions on the terms one year before and during the test, you can assess the difference you made during the same period. Using the two classic forms of comparison (previous period and previous year),

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