It is certainly not necessary to present yourself in detail LinkedIn, this B2B social network which puts professionals in contact with their working Dominica Email List and potential new partners. It is the ideal tool for promoting your professional activity to a large qualified audience and forging useful partnerships for the development of your activity. But how do you manage your image well on LinkedIn and use it correctly to increase your visibility with your professional target?

The first step to managing your online reputation on LinkedIn and attracting prospects is to complete your profile properly. This might sound like a basic tip, but yet many people just fill in the title fields and forget about the descriptions. Fill in the bio completely, talk about yourself, your company, describe the missions carried out in your previous positions, give references … LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to completely display your CV, in an attractive and dynamic way, so use the features to the end to showcase your expertise to your potential clients. Do not forget also to add your professional site and to give your subscribers different means of contacting you (mail, telephone, instant messaging, social networks…).

Add new contacts

LinkedIn is a social network, so you need to add contacts to it for the tool to be interesting. Start by adding people you know, who work with you or who have been your colleagues, schoolmates … A network is being built stone by stone. Then, if you are present on other social platforms like Twitter, Facebook or Google +, publish your brand new profile there by inviting your followers to add you. Of course, don’t wait for everything to happen on your own, add the people you chat with on a regular basis as well.

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Finally, use LinkedIn’s advanced search to invite qualified contacts. The form allows you to filter by location, keywords, position held, schools attended, etc. You will have no trouble entering the qualifiers that meet your target to find qualified prospects. Invite them to join you with a personalized message , which will make them want to be in touch with you and benefit from your expertise. There is nothing more boring than massive soulless invitations. The goal is to promote your business, making a good impression from the start is essential .

Broadcast news to show your expertise

When your profile is created and several people follow you on LinkedIn, it is essential to animate your network on a daily basis . You can do this by posting articles to your contacts’ news feed. If you have a blog, now is the time to promote your posts, but you can also broadcast your watch. It’s a great way to be constantly present with your connections, to demonstrate your interest in your industry, as well as your expertise.

Also interact with the news of your contacts. Liking their post and leaving comments allows you to be constantly visible to them, to show them that you are interested in their business and that you know how to be relevant when it comes to commenting on a topic. Social media marketing, press relations services
If the production of content is essential for the success of your Inbound Marketing strategy, the distribution perfectly optimizes it. Any inbound marketing campaign should include a proactive and quality social media presence. The quote must then include community management , that is to say the management of the image of your company on the appropriate social networks. It must specify the number of hours spent in this management or the number of interactions planned.

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