An e-Book , also called a white paper , is electronic content that can be downloaded from the Internet , which you can offer for free to enhance your skills , but also to acquire qualified prospects . However, for an Jamaica Phone Number List to have a positive impact on your business, it requires an original approach and high added value. Writing an ebook requires thought beforehand, as well as specific technical skills. If you want to start designing a white paper to make available to your visitors to generate qualified traffic and control your e-reputation, here are 5 tips to optimize its writing.

1. Integrate your white paper into an overall marketing strategy
An ebook is above all a communication medium that must have a specific purpose , depending on the prospects of your business. Therefore, it is best to define the objective of your white paper even before the writing phase. It is this approach that will then allow you to integrate it into your content marketing strategy .
List the main reasons why you are writing your ebook to better focus your argument. For example, if your ebook is about generating qualified leads , then address a specific issue and encourage readers to contact you. An ebook is a premium discovery document , it shows your expertise and informs your visitors, who can become qualified prospects if they fill out a download form .

Understand the needs of your readers

As a professional, your ebook is above all intended to meet the expectations of your target customers . This necessarily implies knowledge of the problems of your potential customers, in order to produce a document that will meet their needs.


It is necessary to identify your prospects to write an ebook that will have an impact on them, remember, they are called buyer personas . You can be inspired by requests that lead to your site, questions asked in comments or requests for quotes that you receive regularly. By adopting this strategy , you will have a reliable source of inspiration, which will help you build a detailed plan for your ebook. By posing a specific problem, you will more easily understand the drafting of the white paper . Ebooks are documents that support users at the start of their customer journey, when they are more advanced in their thinking, they will prefer case studies orwebinars for example.

Be subject matter experts or find some to help you!

To be good at writing an ebook, you need to know your topic. Normally, if you work in the marketing department of a company, you already know a lot about things that may interest your customers , even if the subject is quite technical. So it’s a safe bet that you can establish a logical plan around which to build your ebook with a hard-hitting angle of attack. Subsequently, to fill in the pages and support the information throughout the course of the document, you will need to seek the expertise of application engineers or other profiles.within your company. It is also not unthinkable to ask some of your current customers to enrich your ebook with feedback from the field. An ebook is therefore a team effort which requires a good methodology and a perfect coordination and this just in substance.

New dashboards like the one presented above are produced (extract from Hubspot) and allow to know the effectiveness of the company’s marketing channel by channel, as well as the conversion rates usually recorded. After a while, it is possible to predict quite reliably how many customers a website will be able to serve on a monthly basis.

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