Like every year, e-commerce is evolving and sometimes has surprises in store for us. This year again, electronic commerce will be marked by new Poland Phone Number List , particularly in the purchasing habits of consumers. With a growth forecast of + 17.7% for online sales in 2015 on a global level (including more than 86 billion euros in France), it is necessary to take into account the trends to propel your commercial activity and improve the results of your e-commerce site . Today we are delivering 6 major e-commerce trends that will mark 2015.

The mobile commerce (smartphone and tablet) will be unavoidable in 2015. We have consistently emphasized the importance of mobile marketing on this blog and e-commerce is no exception to this new method of navigation. With the dazzling increase in the number of mobile purchases already noticed in 2014, e-merchants will have every interest in betting on m-commerce to boost their sales . Mobile site, application, content adapted to smartphones and tablets must be marketing axes to be developed urgently!

The customer experience at the heart of loyalty

Most e-commerce sites have already set up loyalty programs. However, according to forecasts for 2015, the customer experience will be a key factor in the entire loyalty strategy . The Gartner firm even confirms that by 2017, 50% of product investments will aim to innovate in order to better satisfy consumers.


The customer experience is therefore a priority area to allow you to offer preferential offers to your loyal customers, rather than promotions or low prices. It is more a question of offering him additional means to better use your products, services in preview … Thanks to the satisfaction generated by this method of loyalty, the customer will be tempted to buy from you again and even to recommend you to other Internet users .

Social networks will always be there this year! Note that 87% of Internet users consult comments posted on the Internet before ordering a product online . The virtual “word of mouth” system offered by these networks constitutes an important marketing factor to be valued. 74% of Internet users have already abandoned a purchase following a negative opinion . Conversely, 41% make impulse purchases following rave reviews.

The personalization of the offer

The personalization remains at the heart of customer satisfaction , even in e-commerce. Offers, recommendations and advice must be modeled on the precise expectations of each customer segment. The history of the consumer will be your best ally to perfectly target your newsletters and your content . But personalization is more than the offers you send. It must also be at the center of your products. The consumer should be able to choose a tailor-made item that will 100% match their needs and style.

5. The omnichannel trend
Consumers are using the internet more and more to make their purchases, however they are not deserting the stores! Omnichannel consists of integrating digital at the physical point of sale and vice versa . For example, the customer can make a purchase on the e-commerce site and pick it up in store: this is the practice of click-and-collect. He can book a table at a restaurant from his smartphone, at the desired time and date. He can walk around the shelves of a store and receive information about products or current promotions live on his phone. The objective being that the physical store and e-commerce complement each otherrather than being in competition. We are talking about web-to-store and store-to-web, or even “phygitalization” of points of sale, to be continued!

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