This guest blogging article was produced by Florie-Anne Henry . To learn more about Florie-Anne, visit her LinkedIn profile . Takeover of WhatsApp by Facebook for 16 billion dollars, Viber acquired for 900 million by the Japanese group Rakuten, proposed takeover of the Snapchat Togo Email List by Google for 4 billion, Twitter bought Vine for an unknown amount… We have already spoken about it on This blog, mobile applications are increasingly becoming sources of interest for web giants. The sums they pay for their acquisitions are exorbitant. How do Facebook, Twitter, Rakuten or even Google expect to benefit from a return on investment even though the business models of these mobile applications are sometimes unsatisfactory?

How to take advantage of these free messaging applications apparently confined to C2C use? These instant messaging applications are, until now, mainly used for conversations between individuals. But if the large groups of the Web buy them, these applications have a significant potential of profitability. Moreover, they are starting to become poles of attraction for brands. WhatsApp, Line and even SnapChat contain key digital marketing levers . And this is why this article concerns you directly!

Social media apps: an innovative way to create brand content

Only a few brands, mainly American, have started to use mobile applications in their Social Media Marketing strategies (Taco Bell, Hello Kitty, the car brand Acura, MTV UK…). Integrating these applications into your digital marketing strategy will allow you to stand out from your competitors. Are you interested in branding strategies in the digital age ? Discover now the article of our marketing blog dedicated to this subject!

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2. A message better understood by your targets
Faced with an increase in content from brands, messages sometimes have difficulty being heard. Mobile applications are still little invested by brands. By expressing yourself on it, your customers will pay more attention to you. 3. Instant messaging applications for more proximity. Instant messaging applications are mainly used by users to converse in contact with their relatives, to share brief moments, often via images or videos. Thus, it is a privileged territory to deliver quality content with your audience. Speaking about these tools will allow you to address your customers by entering into their daily lives and their privacy.

The example of Taco Bell and Snapchat

The particularity of the Snapchat application is to send ephemeral messages: the distributed content disappears 10 seconds after viewing it. While still very few brands use these apps, Taco Bell decided to use Snapchat for the launch of its new sandwich in May 2013. taco-bell-snapchat”We’re on Snapchat. Username: tacobell. Add us. Tomorrow we’ll share some secret news with all of our friends! Shhh”

The American Mexican fast food brand used its existing social media accounts to get its community to follow them on Snapchat by promising an exclusive news announcement on the app. Taco Bell used one of the features of SnapChat: the “stories”. It allows stories to be told. Several photos are posted to ultimately create a coherent and meaningful whole which constitutes a story. This presence allowed Taco Bell to make the buzz. Its innovative strategy was often relayed in the media, thus ensuring it high visibility.

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