In a digital marketing strategy , content is extremely important in attracting visitors who are naturally interested in your field. But, if visitors never Uganda Phone Number List  into customers, your efforts will be wasted. They must be taken to the next stage. Thus, each website, blog or page must ultimately trigger an action on the part of visitors: purchase, subscription, download, request for a quote, etc. To push the Internet user to perform this gesture, it is necessary to insert call-to-action in the right places and to optimize them so that they provoke this desire to interact.

In this article, discover 6 ways to boost your call-to-action to increase your conversion rate. Marketing 3.0 no longer focuses only on the customer but appeals to people in the depths of their convictions, by bouncing on elements specific to their culture and their moral principles. It goes even further than its predecessor in the personalization of communication and it is no longer only interested in how to buy, but it seeks to take place in the lives of customers.

It is therefore necessary that companies engage their 3.0 strategy and communicate their values, while retaining the main characteristics of 2.0 marketing, that is to say personalization, humanization and sharing. Not only will brands that take this turn in time to revitalize their brand, but they are building up an army of ambassadors, who will be happy to promote the brand to their friends and families who share the same values ​​as them.

Create an emergency to encourage the act of purchasing

First of all, it can be useful to show people that the offer you are offering is fleeting and that if they do not subscribe immediately, they will not be able to benefit from it later. To do this, use expressions that mark the time aspect well, such as “Register quickly”, “Offer limited to the first 10 registered”, “Valid until such date”.

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Pixmania has a “Flash promotions” page on its site where it offers items at reduced prices for a limited period of time. This ephemeral offer is highlighted thanks to a red box which contains the countdown to its validity date. A perfect way to encourage Internet users to buy quickly. The IT department must be able to understand the new needs New leads from your website can quickly impact your information system.

In most large companies, qualified leads obtained through inbound marketing techniques are directly recorded in the CRM. This requires developing gateways (web services) or setting up systems to automatically transmit these leads to a new sales group. The advantage of the solutions that we use like Hubspot lies, among other things, in the fact that they can be directly connected to existing CRMs like SalesForce or Microsoft Dynamics extremely easily. The impact on the IT tools in place will therefore be quite limited.

A call to action with a flash color to attract the user’s attention

Your call-to-action must be perfectly visible to have its effect. On e-commerce sites , the “Add to cart” button is often a different color and stands out clearly on the product sheet. It’s not for nothing ! The more your action attracts the eye, the more likely you are to attract the click of the user. So, avoid tone on tone and use bright colors like red, pink, green … If you are in doubt about the best color to adopt, do some tests. For a week, leave in red, then after change to green. You will see the results. Rakuten highlights the “Add to cart” button. This one is red in the middle of a light area.

Visibility is the key word. In addition to being brightly colored, your call-to-action should not be drowned in the mass of information and content on your website. Choose an airy space like the sidebar, the beginning or the end of an article. The user should not scroll indefinitely to find your action button, it must be easily accessible. So, if you want to encourage the visitor to continue reading an article on other pages of the site, you will place the call-to-action which invites him to read other texts at the end of your post. But, if you want Internet users to subscribe to your Facebook page, it is better to put the “likebox” at the top of your website.
Put yourself in the Internet user’s shoes to know when they are most likely to click on the button during their visit.

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