It is well known that summer on the Internet is slow in the morning and not too fast in the afternoon. Most Internet users are on vacation and take Marshall Islands Email List of the mild summer heat to go on vacation, go out to the pool or bask in their garden. The social networks , news sites and other blogs then turn idle. Updates are rarer, as visits decline, shares on social networks decline and interactions as well.

However, there is still and always a category of die-hards who surf the web rather than the waves, by choice or by obligation, with whom you can communicate. Faced with the decline in updates from your competitors, you have the opportunity to stand out and make your articles more visible to your community . Who knows, you might even grab a few spots in the search engines! But, of course, you have been working hard for 6 months and you also want to take some time for yourself? It’s possible ! Discover 6 tips to optimize your content marketing during the summer period.

Not having a website means cutting yourself off from the 60% of French people who do research before making the purchase. It is also leaving the field open to the 64% of French companies that have a website. Among this important number, there are surely some of your competitors. Would you like to let them take your market share?

Prepare your tickets in advance

The best is to anticipate! When establishing your editorial calendar, plan for the July / August period so as not to be caught off guard . By storing some content, you can then schedule it to publish as usual. You keep pace and Internet users who do not have the chance to go on vacation will still be able to enjoy your great articles. Moreover, if your competitors are used to taking a summer break, now is the time to nab some readers and take points for SEO.

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Focus on the best tickets of the year. As the news shrinks during the holidays, it can be difficult to keep up with the usual pace. One of the ways to quickly publish interesting content is to offer a retrospective (eg by topic) of the best articles from the first 6 months of the year . Internet users will be able to reread articles that they liked or discover others that they might have missed.

The digital transformation of marketing is not a luxury, but a necessity that will allow your business to stay in the market and gain new customers. Contrary to popular belief, digital marketing is not expensive to set up and, with the right strategy, it even becomes much more profitable than traditional marketing . For the future of your business, we strongly advise you to start the process now, and if you want to be supported in your digital transformation, contact us!

Think about micro-content

In a previous article, I told you about micro-content . It’s a great way to quickly produce relevant and impactful content. Thanks to its short format, it will appeal to both your regular readers and holidaymakers who will take a look at your latest news from their smartphone or tablet. One way to strengthen your content marketing on pc and mobile .

Invite other editors. How about passing your hand? Guest blogging remains a possible alternative to bring your blog to life during the summer holidays. By relying on another writer’s pen , you give your readers the opportunity to discover other talent and bloggers the opportunity to market themselves to a new community. And while others blog for you, you can lounge by the pool, a cocktail in hand!

If you forgot to plan an editorial line for the summer, that’s okay. Post to announce that you are taking a few days off, so your regular readers aren’t lost to the lack of updates, and prospects who might come through your site don’t think your business is closed. . However, keep in mind that a blog with no new news can lose some places in Google and experience RSS feeds or newsletter unsubscribes. The absence message is therefore possible if you are away for a week or two, but the best thing is all the same to anticipate the summer period to feed your blog on a regular basis. Your Content Marketing strategy will thank you!

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