Image optimization is essential to improve your site’s positioning on Google . It also allows you to increase your qualified audience and increase Pakistan Phone Number List on your activity. With these 7 elements, you will know how to take care of your visuals to boost your SEO. Twitter is an essential social network for companies wishing to enter into an Inbound Marketing process . Thanks to the features offered by this microblogging platform, companies can promote their activity, attract qualified traffic, build customer loyalty, carry out strategic monitoring or even optimize their referencing .

To make it easier for you to manage your Twitter account on a daily basis, there are many tools available that allow you to schedule tweets, monitor keywords, find new followers or increase the impact of posts. Here are 6 tools that will help you be more effective on Twitter! Tweetdeck is a free application offered by Twitter. It exists in web, desktop, mobile and Google Chrome extension versions. The advantage of this tool is the possibility of managing your Twitter account via feeds classified by columns.

Post content regularly

Thanks to its many features, you can manage one or more Twitter accounts simultaneously , send tweets to different users, view conversations in lists, add keyword columns for your watch.


Its fluid and uncluttered interface helps you organize the tool according to your needs. You can also schedule tweets and activate notifications to be informed in real time of interactions with your account. You can insert several links on your Google Plus page, in a dedicated section. Adding your links makes it possible to redirect Internet users to the target pages of your activity. It will also serve as a source of information for Google Plus to assess the relevance of your web page, which will facilitate the SEO optimization of your account. You can add your other sites related to your business, your professional blog , your pages on social networks, external articles on your brand, etc.

You copy / paste content from other sites

The Content Marketing remains at the heart of your SEO strategy on Google Plus . Therefore, it is important to regularly publish qualitative content on your page. To optimize your SEO, publish your blog posts regularly , without forgetting to diversify with content from other media, visuals, videos or even infographics. The more active you are on Google Plus, the more you will send a positive message to the search engine, which will be tempted to push you up in the results.

The more lively your presence, the more you will increase your community and engagement. Google Plus is not only for your SEO, it should also allow you to attract qualified prospects and manage your online reputation. Contact us to support your social media marketing or SEO program !

This practice is detrimental to you both in terms of referencing and in relation to the management of your e-reputation. Content is the backbone of your digital marketing , it must be unique and tailored to your business. You should immediately ban duplicate content to create unique content.

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