When it comes to SEO techniques, most people automatically think of SEO and therefore Google to optimize their traffic. In the collective mind, Faroe Islands Email List are becoming THE ultimate solution to win more and more readers and generate qualified contacts. While it is true that this part is essential ( as evidenced by this article that we published recently ), so that Internet users find you when they type a defined query, it is also important to think in a more global way in order not to not put all your eggs in one basket …

A digital strategy is being built stone by stone. Playing on keywords alone won’t be enough to retain your readers and diversify your prospects. In addition, the referencing in the search engines can take a few months and you can wait for many weeks before having visits from organic research … You must then source stones elsewhere! To boost your traffic curve, retain your readers and expand your audience , in this article we offer 7 ideas to diversify your traffic sources :

Google Adwords: a targeted SEO method

To progress more quickly in the results of the famous search engine, you can pay and appear on the first page on specific keywords. The advantage of this method is to capture a targeted audience and encourage visitors to visit your site over that of a competitor (the downside, of course, is that it comes at a price).
Thanks to a predefined budget, over a given period, you ensure maximum visibility and increase your audience . Then it’s up to you to offer an ergonomic site , which will make Internet users want to continue browsing, to join you on social networks , to subscribe to the newsletter , to finally become loyal readers, and in the best case, ambassadors .

Faroe Islands Email List

On the other hand, even if negative SEO does exist, it is not as easy to implement as some seem to believe. Moreover, it is important to specify that it is much easier to optimize your natural referencing rather than working to bring down that of others. However, there are individuals who are gifted and perseverant enough to practice these kinds of techniques. In summary, significant drops in your ranking (drop in visits) can alert you. However, you should keep in mind that this situation is not always attributable to negative SEO .

Advertising on social networks: reaching qualified Internet users

Another way to promote your business is to advertise on social networks (not yet registered?! Discover 7 reasons why you absolutely must be present on social media ). More affordable than Adwords campaigns , it remains an effective supplement to reach a targeted audience. Whether on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin, you can define a budget and above all, benefit from very precise targeting criteria , in order to distribute your advertising only to qualified Internet users .

A perfectly controlled campaign allows you to generate new subscriptions to your accounts on social networks, to then redirect them to your blog or to your services. If they stay subscribed for the long term, which should be the case if your targeting parameters are well defined, they will retain themselves and also share your statuses with their friends, which will de facto improve your audience. At the moment, we do not have a specific date for the launch of this cleanup operation. Facebook only indicates that pages engaging in this type of practice will be punished in “the next few months”.

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