The Inbound Marketing is a methodology that is growing every day and that Great Britain Email List with many companies. However, there are still some refractories, who have a distorted view of this digital strategy and who think, as they choose, that Inbound Marketing : 1. Inbound Marketing is good for brands aimed at young people. The Inbound Marketing is taking place mainly on the Internet and many people still think that the web is the young universe. Even more when it comes to social networks . But it’s wrong ! Today, everyone is on the internet and a lot of people, of all ages, have a Facebook account.

Who has never had a client who said ” my son can take care of my Facebook page ” or ” it’s okay, I can take an intern for social networks, it will cost me less “? All the agencies have already found themselves faced with a reflection of this kind … However, knowing how to use the tool does not mean knowing how to set up a digital strategy . Communicating on social networks means putting your business in the spotlight. Is it really safe to let an inexperienced person speak on behalf of your brand? Community Manager is a profession and it is better to entrust this mission to someone with training.

Inbound Marketing does not bring in anything and is expensive

This fear floats like a sword of Damocles over the heads of many businesses. It must be said that even those who have understood the interest of Inbound Marketing remain convinced that apart from “showing off”, such a strategy will not bring in any money. Now, the very definition of this type of marketing is to bring customers to the business. The return on investment will not happen in the minute, or even in the month, but it will occur! The goal of Inbound Marketing is to generate qualified contacts who have the potential to become consumers . It is then up to the company to exploit this first primer to convert the prospect into a customer.

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You can only edit 2-3 white papers per year, if they are well targeted they will naturally attract a qualified target and fulfill their long term goal. You just have to take care to extend their lifespan as much as possible. This requires highlighting throughout the navigation on your site, but also an annual update, with new figures and new studies published on the subject.

Inbound Marketing is only for self-congratulation

Having a site, keeping a blog , communicating on social networks … represent various means of managing your image online and making yourself known to your target customers. You don’t have to only distribute content that talks about your brand. Indeed, this would not be appreciated by Internet users. You can offer quality articles, advice and monitoring in your sector. It is about managing your e-reputation by showing that you are attentive to your market, that you have expertise in your field and that you know how to guide your consumers. Learn more: What is the risk of getting into inbound marketing?

The Inbound Marketing does not replace any Outbound Marketing. It is a complementary strategy that strengthens your current sales force . Field prospecting works? It’s perfect, keep going! But how about refining it using the leads generated through social media ? How about returning the undecided to your blog to convince them of your expertise? What do you think of opening up your market on a larger scale?

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