As an inbound marketing professional, I often have to explain to skeptical friends what my job is ( and I am apparently not the only one ). Depending on who I am talking to, I sometimes try a very theoretical Thailand WhatsApp Number List ( inbound vs. outbound, the behavior of consumers who have become consumers, actors, conversion funnels, etc.), but often I prefer to opt for a more colorful explanation and original (“inbound marketing is a bit like a first date” or “it’s like choosing a book from a library). But I was slowly starting to run out of inspiration. Lucky for me, I recently stumbled acrossan article that compares inbound marketing in a rather light and original way… to a snowball fight!

What is the connection, you will tell me? With a little imagination, we can indeed find some similarities (in addition, this analogy is timely as the end of the year holidays approach, even if the snow is not yet in the game … ) But what were the consequences during the following months? This helps to communicate much more widely about its actions , to attract more people, but also to manage its brand image well.

Action plans are essential

The secret to being successful in your professional life like in a snowball fight lies in your action plan. If you only focus on one of your opponents, you could very quickly find yourself surrounded by other enemies who will not hesitate to fire at you.

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For the same reason, your inbound marketing strategy must be based on a well-prepared action plan that will allow you to anticipate and adapt to changes in your environment and to the needs of cos consumers, in order to gain the advantage over all your competition. Whether it is for the development of your website, your social media or content marketing strategy, your public relations or others, it is important that you integrate these disciplines into a clear and structured action plan, in order to obtain the maximum success of your inbound marketing strategy.

Not everyone follows the rules to the letter

“The end justifies the means”, some will say. Whether it’s a snowball fight or an inbound marketing strategy , not everyone plays on the regular. Black-hat SEO techniques, mediocre content or even so-called spam techniques are like a stone hidden in a snowball: the direct effect is important (and can hurt a lot), but beware of collateral damage ! It is only by respecting the rules of the game that you will be sure not to end up disqualified …

One of your goals is certainly to be seen as a renowned expert in your niche, to position yourself first in the Google results pages and to become “Top of Mind” in your segment. It is a comfortable situation indeed, but also exposed to the risks… Once your flag is planted at the top of the hill, you will overhang your competitors, but you will also become the target to shoot down. When you have achieved this goal, do not rest on your laurels and, on the contrary, redouble your efforts to consolidate your achievements. The important thing is not to get to the top, but to stay there as long as possible.

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