According to a recent study, 93% of companies, from the smallest structures to large groups, integrate social media marketing into their digital activities . Even those most resistant to new technologies have UAE WhatsApp Number List that today, a business simply cannot exist if it is not present on social media. But, while everyone agrees on this point, it’s still staggering that a lot of businesses still don’t know how to harness this social media to grow their businesses. How many have created a Facebook or Twitter account to “behave like everyone else” without really integrating these activities into their general strategy?? In my opinion, this misuse of social media stems from the fact that most people don’t really know how it can help their business marketing goals. And yet, the benefits are numerous, as illustrated by the Oasis brand, which uses social media extremely effectively, or Nike.

I have attempted in this article to list some of the reasons why a good social media marketing campaign is essential to ensure the sustainability and development of a company : The content fresh, recent and quality: a blog alive shows the user that the company is active. Suggestively, she has clients and certainly offers quality services. The company’s social media pages are active and don’t deliver overly lax or misspelled messages. Some case studies are proposed and supports the services or proposals of the company.
An adapted graphic charter : Do not sell modern products, with a design worthy of the 80s. Everything is understandable at first glance and the information is clear and well organized.

Because your customers are on social networks

Aside from a few diehards who are always reluctant to take the plunge, everyone, in one way or another, is present on social media, whether for personal or professional reasons. It must be said that the average time spent daily in front of a computer screen continues to increase, therefore making Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram privileged places to reach its target audience easily and at a lower cost.

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2. Because your accounts allow you to build and maintain relationships with your audience Not only does social media allow you to connect with people who are of interest to your business, it is also useful for nurturing and nurturing your relationships with your community, creating closeness . By interacting regularly with your prospects and providing them with content that interests them, you nurture a close relationship with them and make sure you stay present in their minds.

Because it’s the best way to share your content

As we have mentioned many times in this blog, content marketing is the cornerstone of any effective digital strategy . And, as such, social media is your ideal ally, allowing you to extend the reach of your articles, photos and videos beyond your corporate blog and to be shared and commented on by your community. Find out in 10 tips for writing engaging content on Facebook .

5. Because they are a major source of traffic for your website
There are several ways for a visitor to land on your website: direct ways (by typing your URL in their browser), through a search engine query, through a referring site… or through to social media. By publishing your content on your various social profiles, you increase your chances of attracting a qualified audience of new visitors to your website and converting them into prospects . And if by chance one of your content becomes very successful and goes viral, your traffic curve can hit the ceiling overnight!

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