You know by now, the Inbound Marketing helps attract the prospect to your business, then turn it into a client. But for this method to work, it is necessary to conduct a targeted campaign and produce relevant content. Here are the 7 steps necessary to build an Inbound Marketing Lithuania Phone Number List that meets your objectives . In order for your campaign to meet your objectives, it is essential to analyze and list them. Ask yourself the right questions about your current customers, the target group that brings you the most turnover (or who has the most potential), the frequency of your consumers’ purchases, your new needs customers, etc.

You will then know if your needs revolve around the generation of new leads, the loyalty of your customers or the increase of notoriety, for example. You also have to determine what service you want to promote with this Inbound Marketing campaign . Do you want to promote all of your services or do you want to focus on a particular industry? Remember this: “Running 10 hares you catch none”. In this sense, you will not be able to be effective in Inbound Marketing on all your services from the start. Choose the most important! The objectives will allow you to see in which direction to steer your digital strategy and what supports to put in place.

Target the audience for your inbound marketing strategy

Secondly, you need to identify the target of your campaign. If your goals have been properly analyzed, this second step should be put in place very quickly. If you still have doubts about the exact target of your products or services, do not hesitate to consult our article on the creation of buyers personas to determine your type of clientele.

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Targeting your audience is very important because your way of communicating adapts directly to the recipients of the message. You will not use the same language in the context of a B2B or B2C digital strategy, you will not give the same arguments to a stay-at-home mom as to a business manager, etc. In addition, your communication channels will also be adapted to the profile of your customers.

The analysis of the number of visits from social networks should be compared with your conversion rate. You will thus distinguish the platforms which bring more qualified visitors and make the necessary decisions accordingly, such as focusing your important campaigns on these media in particular.

Define the theme of your inbound marketing campaign

Now that you have your objectives and your target, you have to define around which communication axis you are going to conduct your Inbound Marketing campaign. It is about analyzing the event environment of your activity, to find a topic in line with the news, which will have a significant impact on your buyers personas. It can be a very targeted event such as a trade fair or a convention.

You can also use a more common holiday like Christmas or Halloween. Finally, if you are organizing an internal event, such as a recruitment campaign, a business creation anniversary or the launch of a new product / service , this is also the time to use it as a strategic lever for your Inbound campaign. Marketing . The theme must be a unifying and triggering element for your target customers.

With this different information, you will have an overview on the social networks that meet your awareness, SEO and conversion goals. You can then refine your strategy on those that have the least impact. If these do not really give results, you can always decide to abandon them, to reinject time in the more promising media.

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