Emailing is an integral part of your Inbound Marketing strategy , whether it is to retain your customers via a newsletter or to prospect to a new target via Malaysia Phone Number List offers. However, the biggest challenge with your email campaigns is getting recipients to open your message and read the content .

The first element seen by Internet users remains the object. It is often he who will motivate or not the reading of your email. Its writing must therefore be particularly careful to have an impact on the potential reader. To help you increase the open rate of your emails , here are 7 tips to apply as of your next campaign.

The objective then being to interact with them, by commenting and sharing their news for example. As you go, you will be able to precisely identify their profile, collect valuable data on their consumption habits, their professional needs or the expectations they have regarding your services. This data will help you offer them an ultra-personalized offer, which has a better chance of converting and identifying their projects upstream.

Focus on short and concise objects

The title of the email is to summarize the offer you are making to your prospects. Avoid overloading which will make your object too long and too boring. Not to mention that it may be truncated by the email software. 4 or 5 words maximum must compose the subject, taking care to put the keyword first . 2. Give a clear advantage to the mail opener If possible, the subject line should highlight the benefit your prospects will receive by opening the email. The most concrete example is the sales period. Between “Low prices on all articles” and “-50% on all articles”, be sure that the second formula will interest readers more, the “-50%” having more impact.


As part of a service, you can also opt for a sentence that will take up the issue of your buyer persona . For example: “Increase your productivity with our application”. 3. Induce emotional reactions
Emotion is at the heart of digital marketing and this also applies to email objects. To elicit an emotion and a reaction from your recipient, the secret lies in personalization . You probably know his identity, so personalize the item this way: “Mr. Richard, the premium free first month”.

Avoid commercial terms

Even if the goal is to convert the prospect into a customer, don’t be in a rush. Remember that the Inbound Marketing approach consists of providing the contact with useful content , before transforming them into consumers. Avoid the use of commercial jargon from the first email. Rather, orient your message towards a presentation of the service or product . So put an advantage or a response to the problem rather than a commercial offer.

This is all the more true as sending an email to a person with whom you have never interacted containing shock formulas like “free”, “-30%” or “in promotion” risks making you end up in spam. . These objects should rather be used for your newsletters, when the customer himself has taken the step to subscribe to your emailing campaigns.

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