As Christmas approaches, social networks are in turmoil, both for brands and consumers. Knowing that 85% of French people intend to shop online for Chile Phone Number List , companies have understood that Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus have an important role to play in year-end sales. So, how do you unite your community as December 25 approaches and get them to buy their gifts from you? By following these 8 tips

For your Christmas social media strategy to be successful, it is necessary to anticipate it several months in advance . From strategy to content, start the month of December with all the elements in hand! This month is often quite busy for brands, so you might as well get ahead of what is feasible upstream. Then plan an editorial calendar in which you will define the competition start dates, highlights, the distribution of promo codes, articles related to the Christmas theme, etc.

Diffuser du « feel good content »

During the end of the year celebrations, the fervor of the event makes people more warm and friendly. People are generally imbued with positive emotions and let their optimism speak more than usual. Allow them to express their loving feelings with content that supports your charitable values . You show that you are in the same state of mind as them and that you share their values during this very special time.


So unlike blog posts, it is about tackling subjects more deeply, which stick to a general trend and not to a specific fact of the news. They have a greater attracting power and are used to build you a base of qualified prospects . It is for this reason that it is permitted to publish little of it. They do not serve SEO or loyalty, but rather your image and lead management .


Decorate your profiles in Christmas colors

If your website must adopt the colors of Christmas, your social networks too! Be right on trend and send the message to your community that you are celebrating Christmas. They will be immersed in an atmosphere similar to that of their home and will immediately feel in agreement with you . Let us also add that Internet users will then expect to have a great time on your pages, with entertainment throughout the month, special content, unique offers and dynamic contests. This will further strengthen their loyalty.

Micro-content, allies of your social media marketing
Among the flagship content of your Content Marketing strategy, micro-content is the allies of your presence on social networks , but also of reading on mobile. This method called “Snacking content” allows you to produce brief information, useful advice or to come back to a key date, in a succinct and visual manner. The interest is to animate your social networks, but also to facilitate reading on mobile . However, as you surely know, there are today 27 million mobile users in France and 65% of mobile users on Facebook, 68% on Twitter.

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