Facebook turned 10 last year! Created in 2004 in a Harvard student room, this social media quickly conquered the whole world and is today the 2nd most South Africa WhatsApp Number List website! Do you know why is Facebook blue? Or who is behind the strange “ Facebook guy ”? If you thought you knew everything about the most famous of social networks, you are not at the end of your surprises! Here are 9 amazing things you didn’t know about Facebook:

1. If Facebook were a country, it would be the 2 th most populous state in the world. With 1.5 billion monthly active users, Facebook recently tops India on the second step of the podium. According to some expert estimates, if its growth rate continues at its current rate, it will snatch the top spot from China by 2016 . What if the problem is more with your marketing? Did you burn any steps? How do consumers perceive your products? Nowadays inbound marketing allows the brand to have a voice of its own and to gain influence to disseminate not advertising but messages. So why not use this speaking time to make the most of prejudices and put public opinion on your side?

The mystery of the “Facebook Guy” finally elucidated

In its beginnings, while it was still called “The Facebook”, the famous social network displayed on its home page the face of a man slightly blurred by lines of codes. Called “The Facebook guy”, this mysterious character actually represented the face of a young… Al Pacino! 3. Are you an average user? The average user has 130 Facebook friends, uses the “Like” button 9 times, and writes 25 comments per month, for a total of 55 minutes spent daily on the site.

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4. Why is Facebook blue? Mark Zuckerberg did not choose blue by chance for the graphic charter of his social network. In an interview with The New Yorker magazine , he said he was color blind and blue was the only color he could easily recognize. 5. Facebook, the 21st century marriage breaker? In 2011, a third of all divorce forms contained the word “Facebook” , making the social network one of the main evidence in adultery cases. According to the Divorce-Online site , the main causes are: inappropriate messages towards members of the opposite sex, hateful messages between temporarily separated spouses or even Facebook friends reporting the inappropriate behavior of one of the spouses.

Add a 4 at the end of the Facebook URL to access Mark Zuckerberg’s profile

Do you want to know which are the first Facebook accounts ever created? Nothing could be simpler, add the corresponding number at the end of http://www.facebook.com . Thereby : 4 leads to Mark Zuckerberg’s profile (the first 3 accounts ever created were tests and have been deleted) 5 and 6 respectively lead to the profiles of Chris Hugues and Dustin Moskovitz , Facebook co-founders and Zuckerberg’s former roommates at Harvard 7 leads to profile of Arie Hasit, Zuckerberg’s great friend in Harvard days
11 leads to the designer of the “Like” button (now employed at Dropbox)

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