The landing page holds an extremely important place in the conversion funnel of an inbound marketing strategy . Today, thanks to super intuitive tools like Unbounce or Wishpond, the creation of a landing page is made St.Pierre and Miquelon Email Lists to all and no longer requires coding knowledge. It only takes a few clicks to publish a clean, well-designed page, ready to collect email addresses and generate tons of leads for your business. However, even if these tools are fantastic, they will not guarantee you an optimal conversion rate. Because it is up to you, and not to a software, to make coexist the various elements of a landing page in an intelligent way in order to facilitate the conversion of your visitor into lead and to reduce the excessive rates of bounce. To do this, you will need to have a great knowledge of your target audience and their behavior, and perform several tests to see which levers work best.Quick Sprout reveals some secrets of a landing page that will convert as many visitors as possible .

So, to the question “Can I share my content more than once?” “, The answer is undoubtedly yes , but on condition that you do not appear to be a spammer. That’s why, if you can afford to tweet your latest post several times a month, it would be a good idea to only do it once on Facebook or Google +. Indeed, all social networks are different and must be used according to their specificities .

A catchy title is essential

As David Ogilvy said, 5 times more people read the headline than the copy . This is why the quality of the title of a landing page is essential to the conversion of a simple visitor into a prospect. It is the latter that will make the visitor want to linger on your landing page and will encourage them to read in more detail the elements that compose it. It should explain your product or service clearly while arousing curiosity, like a good punchline . We have already discussed in previous articles the power of attraction and conversion of visuals and video in a content marketing strategy . It is therefore easy to understand the role they can play on a landing page: much more engaging than an explanatory text, they will strengthen the argument for your product / service.

St.Pierre and Miquelon Email Lists

Apply these principles to the letter and there is no doubt that your website will quickly take on a new dimension! Do you have any other tips for boosting your blogging progress? Do not hesitate to comment ! Need more information? Contact us For example, on Moz’s blog, you will find that a certain Gianluca Fiorelli comments on almost each of the articles, adding numerous feedbacks and well-written arguments, which allows him to find himself each time in the ” Top comments ” and gain a lot of visibility .

List the benefits of your product

It is important that you present the strengths of your solution in a clear, concise and easily scannable manner . This is why it is interesting to divide these benefits in the form of bullet points, so that the visitor can understand them in the blink of an eye, without having to read descriptive paragraphs. As its name suggests, it aims to encourage the visitor to take concrete action . In this case, this action is simply the act of accessing the offer presented on the landing page. The color, text, and position of the CTA on the page play a vital role in the conversion rate. Make sure to perform multiple A / B tests on these different elements to maximize this conversion.

The waterline is simply the part of a page that is visible on your screen without having to “scroll” or use the scroll bar. In the case of a landing page, it is important that you place all your important elements (Call-to-action, title, product benefits, etc.) on the visible part of your page. Why ? Because 80% of internet users don’t bother to look at what is below that waterline. Getting a visitor from your website’s home page to your landing page is no small feat. To get there, you need to put in place an effective conversion path that will guide them to the desired page.

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