The content marketing is one of the key levers of a digital strategy effective. And Qatar Phone Number List the arsenal of tools available for developing a content strategy, there is one format that is particularly popular: the blog post . We also notice today that there are more and more marketing blogs . While it is true that writing an article is technically easier to achieve than a webinar , an infographicor a podcast, it is nevertheless a rather difficult exercise to master for those who are not used to doing it regularly. Because a good web editor must be able to capture the attention of his reader by snatching him for a few moments from all the temptations of the web, but he must also encourage him to take an action that serves the company .

Here are some tips that, in my opinion, are essential to produce a copy that has an impact on the Internet user and generates, over time, tangible and measurable results: To communicate in these spaces with your prospects, you will need to master the use of catchy language that is perfectly appropriate to your target. An agency specializing in content marketing is therefore a suitable structure to ensure the effective presence of your company on social networks.

The background of your marketing content

An article which interests the reader is above all an article which answers his questions , which brings him a certain added value. The question to ask is then: “what, in the eyes of your consumers, represents valuable content?” “. This is why it is necessary to know your audience well, its daily challenges and challenges, and to provide them with the answer they are looking for on the web (see on this subject our article on the buyer persona ).

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Break up your content into small chunks
There is nothing more effective in scaring a reader off than presenting them with an arm-length article written in one piece. The truth is, Internet users don’t read content on the web, they scan it! So, to make your content attractive, it must be “scannable”, that is to say broken into small pieces that are easy to read and therefore much more digestible for the reader. So remember to structure your text in small paragraphs, to present your arguments in the form of lists and to write your sentences as simply as possible.

The shape of your marketing content

Follow your editorial line in writing your articles
Never let the topic (however complicated or nebulous) take precedence over your writing style. If you’ve adopted a conversational or technical tone through your previous content, stick with it and adapt your topic to it. To help you, start by writing on topics that you know or are passionate about.

Promote images in your content
We often hear that adding an image to a Facebook post significantly increases the engagement rate . But what about blog posts? Does the same rule apply? According to a study by Buzzsumo, it seems so: on average twice as many people share articles containing at least one image, which shows the importance of incorporating visual elements in an article in order to make it more impactful. in the reader’s mind (it is for this reason that I am inserting the graph relating to this study below …)

Vary between short and long content
A lot of people will certainly disagree with what I’m going to say here: but still according to Buzzsumo, blog posts with a lot of content have more impact than short posts (see image below). Which goes against the general idea that, with the increasing use of mobile devices, content must be brief and concise in order to hope to be read to the end and shared. So who is wrong, who is right? For my part, I think that there is an element of truth in these 2 statements and that you will gain more by considering a mixture of short (up to 1000 words) and long (more than 1000 words) content in order to give more depth to your editorial strategy .

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