Beckham’s new club . which plays its first match on March 1. will appeal the decision but will “probably lose”. Inter Miami basically argued that because there are multiple clubs around the world with the Inter name on their title. the Italians couldn’t uniquely claim it. For example. there is the International SC of Porto Alegre. Brazil; Inter Nashville FC in the National Soccer Premier League. in the United States; and even Inter Leipzig. in Germany. “Four years ago. we dreamed of a football club. Today. we are proud to announce the official name and crest. Join us on a journey that is just beginning. This is us. this is Miami.

This is how Internacional FC Miami was presented on the networks in 2018. In an attempt to universalize their future fans. in another statement. the brand Croatia Phone Number new club appealed to the cultural diversity of Miami. thus justifying the name “International”. The emblem of Inter Miami. “Club Internacional de Fútbol Miami is a name that celebrates Miami. one of the most thriving cities in the world. with a global profile that welcomes all cultures and communities. Club Internacional de Fútbol Miami represents the international. diverse. inclusive. creative and ambitious spirit of Miami.

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they explained. Beckham is an expert in marketing and the great exploitation of his image shows it. In 2018. for example. ç. he began collaborating with L’Oréal on the launch of House 99. a line of personal care products for men. United States number one tennis player John Isner became the first sports star to sign an endorsement deal with a company directly involved in the sale of CBD (cannabidiol). Isner. number 15 in the world. signed a contract with Defy. a manufacturer of sports drinks based on CBD. The Defy logo . founded by former Denver Broncos player Terrell Davis. will appear on.

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Isner’s cap and the deal includes bringing the drink to the field where he plays in the world’s biggest tournaments. The value of the sponsorship did not transcend; Also. it is not surprising since Isner has publicly stated his interest in CBD. In the past. he has already talked about the potential benefits of it to help muscle recovery during competition. “I play a sport where losing a single point can be the difference between winning and losing a game and Defy is a product specifically designed to allow me to be at my best at all times.” said Isner after signing the agreement. “I look forward to helping the brand get more people achieving.

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better performance through CBD.” Isner is the first global sports star to join the growing trend of using cannabis-derived products. If this spreads to other athletes. it could be the boost that CBD needed to continue to grow in terms of marketing . Cannabis-based drinks spread in the world. Image extracted from Instagram cannabis marketing As medical marijuana obtains the necessary permits in the different countries and comes out of illegality. the market for its derivatives will surely be one of the most interesting to invest in the world. According to a study by Cowen & Co. 7% of Americans are already using.

CBD products in some way. putting the potential market opportunity for the cannabis-based compound at about $16 billion by 2025. Another investigation. in this case by the investment bank Jefferies Group. assures that the global cannabis industry will reach a value of US$130.000 million in the next decade. This. provided that legalization advances in the United States. Europe and Latin America. Total projected jobs in the United States that could be created as a result of the growth of the cannabis industry by 2020. Statista.

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