Omnichannel strategy: physical and online stores one of the current trends. In ecommerce is to invest in both offline and online sales . This is done with the aim that both channels work together to extend and improve the shopping experience. Today, consumers often decide what they want to buy offline and buy it online after seeing and trying it. Due to the pandemic, even local commerce has had to digitize at great speed and is increasingly supported by consumers (fernández, 2021). 2. Increase the use of the mobile to buy this is one of the trends in ecommerce that will grow in all age groups.

Historically, apps have offered a much better user experience than traditional websites. Progressive web apps work like a mobile app, with speed and optimized user experience (fernández, 2021). Make sure that both your web hosting and your online store are optimized for browsing on mobile devices. This in order to make buying in Cameroon phone number your store more simple and accessible (mohsin, 2020). 5g technology helps generate income because (comunicaweb, 2021): it brings innovations such as augmented reality, a download speed higher than any other, more possibilities in audiovisual content, etc.

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It erases language and geographical barriers, being able to trigger the internationalization process. 3. Flexibility in shipping and payment of the trends in ecommerce , this is a sure way to attract new customers and keep them. More if you add shipments on the same day and the next day in your checkout . Home delivery has always been popular, but after the pandemic it has become more important (fernández, 2021). The use of the blockchain and the bitcoin cryptocurrency offers advantages such as payment security. Fast and efficient data processing, and increased speed of online transactions.

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Stores that authorize this form of payment will be faster, work better and offer their customers a better shopping experience (comunicaweb, 2021). Seo and content marketing: 12 important tips 4. Automation it is useful to manage your own databases, as well as to organize the tasks of the company and transport logistics. Of the trends in ecommerce , this will help channel a large volume of work, save time and optimize energy (comunicaweb, 2021; fernández, 2021). 5.Voice commerce voice shopping is growing among internet users. 43% of voice-enabled device owners use it to shop.

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However, products purchased through voice search are often low-cost: groceries, simple electronics, or household products (mohsin, 2020). 6. Use of images: visual commerce is on the rise image search is another trend in ecommerce that will continue to grow. Did you know that 60% of shoppers would rather watch a product video than read the description? (comunicaweb, 2021). This is where virtual and augmented reality will play an important role.

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