In the coming weeks, we have decided to describe some digital marketing or inbound marketing initiatives based on content marketing . One of our clients, Laboratoire PediAct (visit the site) , has set out to Italy Phone Number List this type of approach to develop its brand image and improve its visibility. This example of a digital marketing project in the health & pharma sector gives a good idea of ​​what content can bring to laboratories and manufacturers in terms of image.

Health and Pharma, a regulated industry
Communicating, when you are a health actor , is sometimes more complicated than it seems, and the regulatory context is often not foreign to it. For the PediAct Laboratory, most of the products offered are natural, effective and innovative treatments, which are not subject to a medical prescription (we also speak of OTC treatments), which relaxes certain rules. However, for certain products such as food supplements or infant milks , health claims (kinds of “claimed benefits”) are prohibited. We must therefore face the facts, that from the moment we work in a Pharma theme , we must therefore bevery careful about product mentions, which when not prohibited, are strongly framed. What leeway can this leave us digitally ?

A child health blog for parents looking for information

When we supported the laboratory in its digital communication strategy , we opted for a website that was as close as possible to its values, those of dynamism and proximity to healthcare professionals and patients . We advised the PediAct Laboratory on the production of regular content , addressing various themes of the care of sick children or prevention. There are no less than 3 weekly articles which are published each week on the blog , and which are also distributed on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, after having been validated by a Pharmacist in the laboratory. Thishigh frequency of dissemination for quality messages enhances the image of the Laboratory, which is thus very active on the digital level, in themes of interest for its targets such as infant nutrition, or even infant colic .


Content Marketing helps you attract traffic to your site, it is at the center of your Inbound Marketing strategy . To do this, you must always be productive and regularly post on the blog to generate visits , but also convince your prospects to contact you. Each published resource is one more step towards converting your loyal readers.

A desire to support and provide answers to patients

Providing quality content for parents and health professionals is an approach that enhances the image of the laboratory , of course, but it also makes it visible to its targets by improving the natural referencing of its website. On environmental themes directly linked to the products distributed by the laboratory, patients and doctors will be able to obtain information and discover, when relevant, the benefits of said products. This approach is now welcomed by the blog’s readers, whose number is growing month after month, and who discover the site from search engines, social networks, or partner sites.

Be imaginative and add usage tips
The e-commerce industry is very competitive, which is why you need to be creative. If you want to stand out and convince the Internet user to buy from your site, consider offering them tailor-made content . Add, for example, tips for using your product and any additional accessories you need to get the most out of the item. This approach allows you to offer personalized assistance to customers, they can also project themselves more easily with your products.

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