Before going into Germany WhatsApp Number List and drawing up the SEO trends for 2022, let’s recall some foundations on which you must base your digital strategy.If 2021 has confirmed one thing, it’s that when it comes to SEO, user experience is king. These days, it’s important to note that user experience isn’t just meant to reduce your page load times, but rather to:Improve the overall design of the website, making navigation easier for Internet users.Make sure the site is designed for everyone and is perfect for mobile users.Make sure the content is well organized, useful and readable .Reduce your site’s response time.

Use white spaces between your content to ventilate it and help your readers focus on important information.From a purely SEO point of view, the user experience is now taken into account by Google as a ranking factor through the Page Experience / Core Web Vitals update deployed during the summer of 2021. We will come back to this later in this article. article.Finally, when we talk about user experience, it is also about offering the most relevant content possible for your visitors. The satisfaction of the users of your site will be brought by the quality of the information which you propose to him.We’re going to kick an open door, but it’s obvious that the experience you offer your mobile users must be prioritized.

Content and user experience as priorities

As we indicated to you in the summer of 2020, Google declared that 100% of websites will be affected by mobile-first indexing by March 2021. Basically … if your site is still struggling on mobile in 2022, question yourself! This means that the Mountain View firm is asking its mobile crawler robot to crawl all the pages aiming to appear in its index. Never forget that when redesigning a site, be sure to first build your templates for smartphones, then for computers.As soon as someone views your site, they should easily know what your pages are about.


So make sure they are appealing to your target audience. Here’s what you could do to improve the acquisition of new visitors and leads:Do more tests. Try to interview random people who will visit your website and give you their thoughts. Then modify your site to improve its navigation, the bounce rate and the average time spent on the pages.Do Q&A on your customer generation process. Check if the fields of the conversion form are clear, easy to complete and placed in the correct place on your site .No matter how many SEO optimizations you implement, if the technical performance of your pages is poor, your site will perform poorly.

Amazon has thus become the leading search engine for product research

The technical aspect of SEO has proven to be one of the main positioning factors for your site to be visible in the engines. Here are some basics to remember:We are not going to lie to you, if an SEO consultant tells you that backlinks are not important to be well positioned on competitive requests… Refer to good old Gandalf .You will understand, without inbound links to your pages, you will minimize your SEO content optimization actions.

Obviously, the backlink acquisition industry has grown very juicy for several years now, so everyone is going on a link hunt. Therefore, be sure to make a difference by targeting backlinks from niche sites on the same theme as your business. In addition, make sure that the content that the backlinks point to is of higher quality than your competition.Finally, please take into account that backlinks integrated within content already positioned by Google will have more weight for your SEO.More and more people are using search engines other than Google to find a product and make a purchase. According to a study carried out in 2019 by Future Shopper , we would be more inclined to search directly for a new TV on Amazon rather than to search for “amazon tv” on Google.

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