Google has just Latvia WhatsApp Number List a new performance report for your Google My Business listings inside the Statistics tab.To directly access this new performance report , nothing could be simpler. In your Google My Business page, go to the left in the Statistics section, then you will see a message appear at the top of your page saying “Your statistics are transferred”.Then all you have to do is click on the “Show new performance report” button. A window will open showing you these statistics.These performance statistics show you the number of solicitations, across calls and messages, your business received through Google My Business over a 6 month period . You also have the option of selecting shorter periods, such as a month.

The second part of this performance report focuses on the search terms people used to find your My Business page in local organic results or in Google Maps. However, it should be noted that some statistics are missing. Indeed, this new report does not include data such as the number of clicks to your website. or even requests for directions to find your establishment. Note also that unlike the current report, this new version does not include any differentiation between users who found you in classic Google results and Google Maps. Finally, this report does not include the number of views on your photos and other metrics related to your visuals like the current report does.

What added value does this report bring?

The advantage of this new report is that the data relates to a 6 month period, which is double what My Business usually provided (3 month period). However, as we mentioned above, there is a dire lack of essential data for your physical business. Note all the same that this version, like Google Analytics 4 , will gradually be enriched with more metrics in order to make it the preferred version for all users.The internet is constantly evolving and every change on the web is happening faster than ever, especially when it comes to user privacy and data.


In this article, Agence 90’s Google Ads experts wanted to help retailers better understand how cookies work but also the impact of future regulations that will forever change the digital advertising landscape! Advertisers now need to prepare for a future without third-party cookies .First-party cookies are created, published and controlled by the site you are visiting and allow, for example, your shopping cart, the items you have viewed and your preferences to be remembered in order to improve the user experience. First-party cookies therefore collect behavioral data. This type of cookie only transmits data to the site owner.

Third-party cookies (or third-party cookies)

Third-party cookies are cookies that are stored under a different domain from the one you are visiting. They are mainly used to track users between the different sites they visit and to display more relevant advertisements. For example, let’s say that earlier this week you researched accommodation in Cancun. You’ve looked at a few sites, admired photos of sunsets and heavenly beaches, but you’ve finally decided to wait a bit before planning your vacation. A few days later, you notice Cancun vacation ads on many of the sites you visit. Is this just a coincidence?

Not really. The reason you are now seeing these Cancun vacation listings, Many digital levers are powered by cookies. We use it to track users, improve user experience, create personalized site experiences, and collect data to target our ads to the right audiences. We also use third-party cookies to better understand user behavior when they are not on our site, it is this part that will disappear soon. Advertisers use data from third-party cookies to learn about a user’s online behavior. Without third-party cookies, we no longer have the ability to know which sites a user frequently visits.

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