The realization of a Australia WhatsApp Number List using this technology requires much more time, whether at the level of graphic creation, such as the creation of models in Photoshop which will be multiplied by 3, because it is necessary to create a brief of each device. Then there is the development time which will also be much longer and requires technical knowledge very specific to CSS 3, because the Responsive technology is quite recent.And finally, this technology is quite expensive, because you need to have a maximum of devices to test its development, even if there are simulators on the internet, they are not 100% reliable, it is better to test them on real ones.

peripheral devices.What is the infinite scroll ? It is quite simply a technique which makes it possible to replace the basic pagination by automatically displaying the next articles when one arrives at the bottom of the site. It’s also much more optimized for browsing on smartphones and tablets. When you see what is called the “Loader”, the infinite scroll is working!Another feature added to the blog “ La Newsletter ”! You can now be notified by email of the new article published each week simply by registering via the form with your email address.

The design of the site consists only of solid colors

The latest innovation in the new version of the blog is the page dedicated to contributors with interactivity on all the photos for you to click. This section allows you to present all the contributors to the AntheDesign blog and to have some information about them (Website, email address, etc.). You can also become a contributor by contacting us via our contact form.To conclude, the new blog has a lot of new features and tools, now it’s your turn to use them!The shapes of the design (buttons, icons, etc.) are made up of geometric shapes;The site’s fonts must also be adapted, favoring “sans-serifs”;In this type of design, we can easily use a minimum of 6 different colors unlike 3 in a classic design.


The colors must be bright (use blue, purple, yellow, green, orange, etc.) ;For purists, the design shouldn’t contain any drop shadow or texture.A design called ” Flat ” must not contain drop shadows, textures, bevels or gradients, to sum up anything that gives depth to an object!No surplus is added to make the objects more realistic, unlike the website design using which incorporates depth of field, as well as 3D elements.The Flat Design is based on two extremely important parameters: the ranking and placement of elements. the objective being a well thought out ergonomics facilitating navigation while offering an interesting user experience.

The most popular colors are salmon, green, blue, and purple

This movement is starting to penetrate more and more on the Web, but it is already very widespread for smartphone applications.This style uses a lot of icons and buttons to make the interface as interactive as possible, but be careful you only need to use angular geometric shapes or with slight rounded (squares, circles, rectangles, etc.) with different colors, which is fine. make your site intuitive for your visitors and will entice them to click on these elements.

For this design, there is a defined color code (usually monochromatic) that must be followed as much as possible if you want to make a 100% “flat design” . We can use 6 to 8 different colors in the conception of its design unlike three on a classic site!Hues will tend to be vibrant with one or two variations of this color.Since all of your elements are going to be “flat,” the font plays a huge role on your website.You should favor a “sans serif” font for your design, but you should also think about the content of your site, it should be clear and easy to read.We can also use some icons to accompany the text, but be careful not to overdo it .The Flat Design and Design Responsive go more often together, in fact with a simple interface very simple forms.

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