Year after year, new technologies flood the market, bringing new tools to consumers and profoundly changing their purchasing behavior. Think for a Uruguay WhatsApp Number List about the impact mobile and tablet devices , social media, or online shopping have had on traditional marketing models. They are constantly condemned to adapt to a constantly changing environment on pain of losing ground very quickly at the expense of competitors who will have succeeded in better aligning themselves with the desires of consumers.

Digital marketing has reset the counters
Today, a marketing manager with many years of experience is forced to acquire social media monitoring tools or marketing automation software to meet market requirements. He must now adapt to a new world he does not know. Suddenly, all the expertise he had accumulated over the years no longer counted . He has to learn everything again. This is the observation we made in one of our previous articles ( Why is an “old-fashioned” marketing director dumped in the digital age? ).

Are senior executives prepared for digital marketing?

As this infographic demonstrates, adapting to the new realities brought about by digital marketing is quite scary for most executives and will take some time. The fact that traditional offline marketing techniques are over is gradually being accepted by professionals, but many remain resistant to change nonetheless.

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To go further, read ” How to organize the digital transformation of the marketing department? ” If you are in the situation described above and you feel a little overwhelmed by the new digital strategies such as inbound marketing , content marketing or SEO , call on our experts who will be able to guide and advise you. . Today we have discovered an infographic from the giant IBM on the same subject, which complements our view of this problem quite well. Asking the question of whether CMO’s in large companies were prepared for digital marketing, IBM conducted an interesting study in 2011 with more than 1,700 marketing managers in 19 different industries in 64 countries across the globe.

Digital marketing has reset the counters

Street marketing is also a strategy that works. There are even more and more actions carried out in real life, with consumers, which demonstrate this, such as Carlsberg, which distributes beers on the baggage carousel of an airport to make travelers wait, many brands that customize public benches, McDonald’s, which has an advertising panel that distributes ice cream, and Kiabi, which has giant shopping bags in the largest cities in France.

Gain human resources : many companies delegate responsibility for their communication to one of their current employees. Suddenly, this person must manage two hats, that of his initial function and that of communication manager, which is often complicated. By going through a digital agency , you allow each employee to focus exclusively on the job for which you have hired them .

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