Until reaching its maximum splendor, which is the NFL. However, a few years ago the XFL burst onto the scene, a project that sought to connect with new audiences and reach the enormous fans of the sport on the grid. A project that, although it has not taken off completely, everything indicates that it is seen with good eyes to bet on this brand, so much so that someone like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has decided to invest in it. A timely rescue The foregoing after it was announced on Monday that the former WWE star, businessman and Hollywood figure, together with his business partner Dany García and the investment firm.

RedBird Capital , acquired all the assets of Alpha Entertainment, parent company of the XFL. According to various US media reports , the amount of the agreement was for 15 million dollars , just a few hours after it was Greece Phone Number announced that the organization was going to auction. Although the agreement is still under review of the approval of the bankruptcy court, it can be said that it is a timely rescue for the brand that, although its business model was striking a few years ago, has never been able to consolidate, it must also be remembered that the XFL filed for bankruptcy last April. However, for The.

It Was Not Criminal Nor Will It

Rock it seems to be a good investment, something that with the work of the companies that are acquiring the league and the engagement of the actor and businessman, could give a revival to the project. “The acquisition of the XFL in conjunction with my talented partners, Dany Garcia and Gerry Cardinale, is an investment that touches on one of my greatest passions, football, and my desire to always take care of the fans ,” said Dwayne “The Rock.” Johnson in a statement quoted by the media. It may interest you: The Washington Redskins give in to pressure; will review the name change.

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The United States will have another professional football league. In addition to the NFL and the XFL Dwayne. The Rock’ Johnson launches his own brand of Tequila. A reckless move In American football and. NCAA college football (where Johnson played for the University of Miami). There are often reckless or risky plays at crucial moments of the games, in fact it is part of the spectacular nature of college football, however, in terms of business the danger increases. The XFL is an American football league that had a season in 2001, a project promoted by WWE (then called WWF) and the NBC television network,

Be The Event Originated In Sports

which was canceled due to its low audience level despite the. Fact that one of its value attributes is that. It is proposed as a sport made for television, as recalled from ESPN. A project that was revived this 2020, but that was also unsuccessful as. It filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy after suspending operations in April. On the contrary, it has never generated interest in the audience. Since a survey carried out last February by. Morning Consult found that 63 percent of those consulted. Aged 18 to 29 years, 45 to 54 years, 55 to 54 years said having no interest in the

XFL, while among 30-44-year-olds the percentage was slightly less, but still stood at 53 percent. Furthermore, the league organized by Alpha Entertainment has generated little or no awareness. With only four percent of all respondents stating. That they were very aware of the XFL re-launch in the United States. In addition to this, and despite the fact that the. NFL does not go through its highest rating levels. The reality is that it is a highly positioned league with great effectiveness. In terms of business and marketing, which generates more than 14 billion dollars in revenue.

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