It is very important that the audiovisual strategy you plan responds to studies of trends and the buyer persona. Don’t forget to give feedback on successful content on social networks. On facebook, for example, the latest trend is clips, short videos that deal with a specific topic. Clips are lengthy video snippets that cover a variety of topics. Now your job is to think about how to take advantage of this trend to achieve your brand’s goals. The customer experience or customer experience has positioned itself in the market to provide consumers with closeness and good treatment.

The goal is to give them what they want, at the right time and in the way they ask for it. It is a way of pampering customers, of making them loyal to the brand. Because they no longer only look at the value for money. Now they also care about usability, durability and experience. Ebook-content-formats in other Turkey phone number words, if the clients of your company or web portal do not have a good experience with your brand, they simply go to another site with a click.

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The customer today is an intelligent consumer , who is not afraid of change and who has no patience. And that, thanks to technology, he chooses the brands that provide him with that long-awaited plus: a good experience (alcázar, 2021). We want to help you in the task of having a good customer experience for your website or blog, so we will give you 3 keys to keep in mind. Customer experience on the web the customer experience on the web (the digital customer experience) has to do with aspects such as the simplicity of a portal, loading time, user focus, navigability, among others.

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You are facing specific challenges to give the customer a unique experience. Let’s see the keys in detail: 1. Simplicity when the digital user enters your website, they look for specific information and do not want distracting elements. It is true that there are unkind designs, but you must take into account simplicity, above all. There are three aspects in the visual part of your customer experience that you have to take care of (sordo, 2021): colors: the excess of colors of a portal is not striking. For this reason, it uses an average of two colors. Fonts: the fundamental thing is that they are legible.

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Here the color of the font and the background is very important, because sometimes it is not taken into account and a white font is added on a black background, something that is not at all friendly to the eye. Ideally, you should use a maximum of three different sizes and three font types. 2. Navigability, key to the customer experience this is related to the ease of moving in the portal from one site to another. Ultimately, everything is very intuitive. We recommend some tricks so that your customers have the best browsing experience on your website (sordo, 2021): locate the main menu at the top and try to keep it as simple as possible.

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